gabe rivas called out jamie varner at the last ritc. jamie, what are your thoughts on it?

Roland or jpet, make this happen.


JUST CURIOUS, WHO ARE YOU PHOENIXMMA? Oh and I also hope to see it happen. I think Gabe would be giving up a few pounds.

Jamie is starting wrestling season very soon.

Right after the Rivas post fight interview, Jamie came up to me and asked me to make it happen.

As a fan I would love to see this matchup. When both are available, I will try to make it happen in RITC.

Rivas is a tremendously improved fighter. His striking has been awesome. Jamie is just a step below Fickett in the Welterweight division and would present a great challenge for Gabe.

Elbe vs Rivas in KOTC later this month will give us some insight into just how good Rivas has become.

Best of luck to Gabe, Jamie and Ray in all future fights.

Gabe Rivas trains at AZ Jiu-Jitsu ( Carlos Ortega ).

Shen - you are thinking of purple belt Gabe Casillas from DeBrazil. He was involved in a car accident several months back and is still on the mend. He's an excellent fighter.


im a nobody who trains at brausa off and on (more off lately) and goes to all the az shows.

"Rivas should be worring about me..."

i made a prediction before the last ritc that gabe would ko kyle sprouse. i will not say the same about ray elbe. this is gonna be a great fight and im sure gabe is training hard for it, hopefully ray is training hard too.

"If Rivas beats me...then maybe he should have a shot at Varner..."

i think varner might want this fight regardless now, the way he ran to the cage when gabe called him out, he looked pissed.

im interested to see what jaime varner has to say...


Hey this is Jamie Ill fight Gabe in the street,in a gym, fuck in someone's front yard. I won't fight him in RITC until he has a winning record I don't want people to think I fight people with losing records. I want a challenge Gabe has gotten better, But his MOUTH WROTE CHECK THAT HIS ASS CANT CASH. He needs to win some more fights then he'll have a shot at me. Its funny he beats Mike Ptak,Kyle Sprouse, then hey lets fight the best welterweight in AZ behind Drew Fickett. WINNING RECORD OR NO

As much as I'd like to see varner kill this poor guy, there will be little to gain for varner after Ray knocks Rivas out.

rickmassmma, want to put your money where your'e mouth is. I got a hundred dollar bill that says that neither jaime Varner or Ray Elbe can or will knock out Mr. Rivas.If you want to do it let me know and we will find someone to hold the cash. I will even go 100 dollars per fight your way and you only have to pay me after both fights so you have the chance to win 200 and I only have the chance to win 100. Talk is cheap you can find it all over this sight. maybe you guys should remember Gabes win at Severns 8 man tourney. The only person who does not seem to be on here is Gabe, and he must be training to kick someones ASS.
Paul Schmadeke

Rivas has an 8-6 record and is on a 5 fight winning streak. His 3 wins in an 8 man tourney in a mid west event earlier this year were not reported to any fighter data base by that promotion.

Elbe vs Rivas in KOTC later this month should be a good one.

Elbe will win and if Varner fights Rivas, Varner will win in 1st round, no doubt.

And when Elbe said Kyle brees has better hands than Drew Fickett it was on this forum also. I will dig it up if you like. You got 100 dollars to put on the Elbe fight Steinbeiss? Cause I sure do! I am sure that JM would hold the cash. Walk the Walk.


Who has gabe beat that was any good. And don't forget who is Drew's training partner. I have the best training partner in MMA so whatever. I'll be at ACS tomorrow and the rest of the week. If you want to fight me don't call me out just fight me.
Jamie Varner

"Rivas has an 8-6 record and is on a 5 fight winning streak"

since he turned pro, his record is 5-0 with three or four ko's, is the link to dan severns tournament. these were his first three pro fights. he hasnt lost since. i think one fighter he beat was 18-0 and one was 16-1 (i think).

"Hey this is Jamie Ill fight Gabe in the street,in a gym, fuck in someone's front yard."

gabe called you out because you are one of the top fighters, it was a career move, not because it was personal.

"I won't fight him in RITC until he has a winning record I don't want people to think I fight people with losing records."

like i said, his PRO record is 5-0, the fight finder on sherdog isnt updated like it should be if thats what you want to go by. so he does have a winning record. jpet even said that you told him you want this fight to happen jamie.

Ok then try when he has a winning PRO record we'll fight in a show,but you know where I'll be. So before you type another word go to that site and it has everthing you need to know including the three ameteurs (all with losing records) he fought in that eight man tourney. So thanks for coming out.

"Ok then try when he has a winning PRO record"

he officially turned pro (closed fist fights)right before dan severns tourny. after that he was 3-0, after the last two ritc's, he is 5-0.

"but you know where I'll be"


"So before you type another word..."

im not trying to talk shit to you, im just telling you what his record is. i dont care what the internet says what it is, it is what it is (5-0 pro).

this is between Gabe rivas, jamie varner, and jpet, if and when they fight. any keyboard warrior (including me!) can say whatever the fuck they want and it dont mean shit!

Let's all wait for the outcome of Elbe vs Rivas in KOTC and then re-assess this situation after that.

Rivas was complimenting Varner when he said something to the effect that he wanted to challenge the best welterweight that's currently fighting in RITC. It definitely wasn't anything personal.

Varner would benefit to not act so arrogant and look at a fight with Rivas as an opportunity. Not fighting in a show and someone demanding a list of terms and conditions be met before he will fight, sounds like Varner doesn;t want to play ball. If he does then quit pussy footin aroound and do it. I have the first $100 bill on Rivas,,,

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jpet, he said varner was the top dog and the best in arizona right now. definitly a compliment. and I think its true. but with that being said...

xytrack, i agree.