Gabe Ruediger is OFF LIMITS!!!

Even inoffensive threads pertaining to Gabe Ruediger are being deleted. Is there some new rule prohibiting the discussion of a fighter?

Can the mods explain this?

Can you provide proof that the deleted threads were inoffensive, O member of 106 total posts?

go look in the sprawl tuf 5 forum

I thought they were just being moved to the TUF 5 Forum, no?

I haven't banned anyone because of this, or deleted any threads regarding Gabe. But I have sure seen a lot of comments about him that are technically far and away against the rules of conduct on this site. So I am really curious about the "inoffensive threads" issue.

why fight The so sorry

I like gabe...

sand met vagina, vagina met sand.


I previously started a thread asking about this and it was deleted before any comments were even posted on it.

You should probably be more concerned about you having 42,120 posts than about me only having 106.

I like Gabe, even though he is acting like a jackass on TV, but that is the whole point - he IS acting like a jackass on TV, or at the very least, he's being edited to look like a jackass on TV.

he's saying that he did a lot of this stuff for the ratings, and I can believe it, but then why are mods deleting threads that are negative about him?

he's going out of his way to attract potentially negative attention, under the theory that any attention is good attention.

well, the problem with that is that some people ARE going to respond negatively to him, and some of those people will post those feelings on

if it's getting out of line into ridiculously personal stuff, feel free to delete it, but some negative knocks on Gabe are going to come as a result of this, and you shouldn't have moderators killing those threads because of whatever connection to Gabe they have.

"But I have sure seen a lot of comments about him that are technically far and away against the rules of conduct on this site."

I'm not trying to start anything here, but every single thread on here contains items that are far and away against the rules of this site.

Swearing is supposed to be kept to a minimum, gosh darn it.

Whoa, you are right, I didn't look at his startup date.

I made a stupid, sorry.

How do you get the multiple accounts thing out of him having been here for 4 years and having a low post count?  Maybe some people don't feel the need to post 15-30 times a day

I'm an idiot, sorry

/\/\Include me in this group.../\/\on here several times per week, just looking for mma info and not interested in trashing fighters that could kill me, grapplers that could tap me, or ring girls I would never stand a chance with.
If you can get past all that, it is a great place for info.


To my recollection i've only posted using the badred screen name. If I have duplicate accounts it's because I didn't know what I was doing or forgot my log-in info. If you have the ability please feel free to delete them. Also feel free to review my posts(again if you have that ability) to verify my lack of trolling.

I'm not trying to be contentious. I just wanted to make it clear that I am not and never have trolled the underground.

Have a good weekend.

Sorry, I am troll-shocked. We have loads of people here who get banned constantly and make new accounts. I assumed that since this was about Gabe (obviously a hot topic right now, bringing out some trolls) and since you had a low post count that you must have made your account recently. Then when Fletch somehow knew that you had been here for 4 years (by looking at your member date, duh) I assumed that you were a repeat troll.

It was a dumb mistake by me, I am starting to assume that people are trolls without even checking. So yeah, I fucked up and I apologize to you and anyone else on this thread who was involved (Fletch).

But I still don't know who is deleting threads, or on what basis. Are they in the TUF forum?

Maybe it's Kirik himself, who knows.

tell me about it. Have you seen my post count?

: )

Yeah Fraser, get back to the lab.