Galvao will upset Gordon

It’ll be ugly, boring and controversial, but I think galvao exploits the rules better and manages to stall, run, score at the end and win. Gordon will gas. Galvao will train like a madman, come in with way more stamina and will push a pace Gordon has never seen. Will probably do a bunch of epo too lol. Gordon is arrogant and will keep doing the same old same old.

It’d bet on it, but not a lot.

Idk about stamina but I think Galvao knows the ADCC game better than anyone else. He’s willing to fight a painfully boring game until scoring time and then score a takedown.

Gordon talks a lot of smack about how people suck etc, but I’m sure most of that is just his way of building his brand. He’s prob not the smartest guy around, but I don’t think he’s dumb. That being said, he has built this up so much with his trash talk over the years, if he doesn’t train harder than ever and develop a solid game plan against Galvao, that would be dumb.

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I thought Gordon was done with competing.

I disagree. He’ll have to eventually engage with Gordon in some capacity. At this point stalling (even if he won) doesn’t benefit him but actually further hurts his case. The only way Galvao comes out of this positively is to convincingly win a match with Gordon, preferably by submission.

Gordon is the truth and I don’t see him losing to anyone except Nicky Rodriguez in the next few years, assuming he gets back to competing.

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Let’s all hope

Galvao has the better takedowns no?

Galvao mastered the points game. Gordon is a finisher. I don’t see any way Galvao takes this without embarrassingly stalling him out.



For days I’ve been going nuts wondering: What is HillboFrateTrane’s opinion on Galvao vs.Gordon…???


Ok, we can talk about Americanas from side control instead.

Gordon has spent time with mocco and jden cox, I think he’s gonna have a couple tricks up his sleeve by the time it rolls around

Also think if galvao engages on the ground he’s getting tapped, but anything can happen

Gordon via bitchslap


I think Gordon called it correctly. Andre won’t show.


He trained with them a little bit.

Gordon is a super obstinate guy. He has his stuff and that’s what he uses and that’s the bottom line.

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This match will be highly anticipated and they’ll catch a lot of shit if one of them backs out (Galvao due to “injury” or Gordon due to stomach issues). Hard to see Gordon losing.


Though I wonder if Gordon is training much right now. We know Galvao will come in in great shape and sharp.

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I was actually surprised at Gordon’s handspeed vs andres in ability to react in the slap footage.

He was completely blindsided. I think that’s a sign of things to come. Andres giving up almost twenty years of youth to Gordon

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He wasn’t expecting it. Niether of them are used to throwing down. Galvao fought mma but he never got to a high level striking. I think he figured Gordon would push him back.

It’s odd that people say Gordon uses outdated techniques. It seems like he’s ahead of everyone unless you are saying he’s just a better athlete. I don’t buy that.

Gordon’s conditioning will be the real question. Add to that, the guys from b-team are gone. Who is there to push him in practice???

This is a perfect storm for an upset but I don’t see Gordon simply not being smart enough to out compete Galvao

I will add, if Gordon does a weight class also, that will add the chances of losing.

I didn’t say outdated anywhere. Im just saying he does what he does and aht this isn’t going to venture out and drastically change his game or learn any new tricks. He’s very confident in his technical ability and eventually I think that has the potential to hurt him.

But yes, I agree, I think galvao can tire him out and Gordon’s game won’t be nearly as effective when he’s gassed.