Gardner vs Yoshida official

now pride show stll on.Takada anouunded that former gold wresling medalist Gardner against Yoshida on New year eve show.Gardner alos appeard tonight show and said he wanted prove amerkan wresling was best in the world.

they shooked hands on the ring.Height was very close but Garnder was so wider and hevyier than yoshida

Yoshida may get tossed, but yoshida will sub him ez IMO once on ground. And Rulan will eat some knickle comin in. Big win 4 Japan vs USA......... gold vs gold. japn wins.


no but seriously this should be interesting.

I can't see Rulon doing too good in this. Yoshida will punch Rulon's nose then armbar him.

If Rulon has the good sense to train his Ground N Pound and submission defence with guys like Team Quest he could win this one

gardner will win

if gardner trains at team quest like they say i doubt we'll see a yoshida victory

I thought Rulon turned down Pro Wrestling to work with Real Pro Wrestling.  This is an interesting turn of events.  I wonder if he's working with anyone on his striking and submissions?


Gardner is a 280lb beast who is just coming off a silver medal at athens

Hes not gonna be out of shape and if hes been training properly should win

He will most certainly power bomb Yoshida through the canvas.

if its not a work Gardner will win

thats like saying "if its not a work yoshida will win"

yosh at the moment is the more proven fighter

the only problem being that Gardner ways 70lbs more than yosh

Yoshida by straight armbar in the 1st rd. either that or Gi choke...

Yoshida by pre-fight moneybag submission.

can't see rulon winning this. and that really upsets me. i love rulon and really dislike yoshida, so hopefully rulon can win via slam.


Isn´t Garner the one who defeated Alexander Karelin?

I can´t see Yoshida winning this one as long as Garner trains for it.

Go yoshida!

The bigger question is... who the hell is Rulon training with?


Doesn't matter...2 months of training is not long enuf to teach him how to win. Maybe to avoid submissions and stall. This is MMA...Yoshida will win. Rulon can be great if he takes a year...but it's obvious he needs the money rite away...

Rulon is supposedly working with Team Quest and he will be able to get postion on Yosh with no problem and possibly pound him out for the W.