get Shonie vs Newton @185

both guys have had a mixed year at 170. let them
duke it out at a more natural 185. they are both
crowd favorites. carlos is one of the most exciting
ground fighters and shonie's one of the most
exciting strikers. the 185 division needs some
action and im getting sick of baroni.


Definitely sounds good!

this would be an action packed fight with shonie throwing some huge throws and spinning back fist and newton going for submission after submission only for shonie to escape

shonie by a close decision!

btw i think the cage will be easier to use when attempting an axe kick

I agree Shonie would win . Over the past week of reviewing Newtons fights I hate to say it but he is somewhat over rated.

Would be an exciting matchup. Two fighters that the crowd love.

That would be an exciting fight at their weights. Dragonball against the pimp slap, oh yeah.

I thought Tim loves Baroni, there's a picture of him and Baroni up in the gym.



tai, i didnt even realize it was him. i kinda bumped
into him and said sorry and he started busting out
an autograph for me. i didnt know till i got the
autograph card. then marks wife was like how bout
a picture. so i said sure. thats why i look like such
a cock in that pic.

anyway, shonie's big. he always has to cut a
bunch to get to 170.


I'll go with Newton all the way.

But I'd love to see the fight, just in case I could be wrong.  :)

Would be a good matchup.



Ya ya I know.

America's Pimp vs. Canada's Pimp

Book it Dana!!

both guys have alot to prove. I don't see either one
taking this fight lightly. wouldn't even make it into
the 3rd round. A wicked sub or wicked ko would be
the end of this fight.

"both guys have alot to prove"

I am not trying to start a verbal war, but Shonie doesn't have a damn thing to prove! He has been fighting NHB since most fighters have been shitting green! He has wrestling titles, Shidokan World Titles, Kickboxing titles, he should have a title for having the most titles in various combat sports! People that fight Shonie have something to prove, including Newton. But, what do I know...

ttt 4 this pimp fight!

bender, i know as well as anybody that shonie's the fucking man. ive been going to see him fight since 99. however, for alot of casual UFC watchers he lost his last fight so thats it for him, time to go root for someone else.

i just want shonie to prove all the haters wrong. thats all.

and im not sure what a "verba" war is. jk