Getting Frustrated

I started the whole "New Year's Resolution" getting in shape thing, and after close to a month and a half I've noticed no changes either in shape or weight loss. I've been running about 2.5 miles four days a week, and body weight workouts twice a week. I've switched my diet to cut calories and eat more healthily. I'm not fat, but I could tend to lose maybe 10 to 15 pounds. Anyone have any ideas? Should I incorporate weights? Add another day of running? I don't have access to a gym, but I do have a treadmill, some free weights, a bench that inclines & declines, and a Thai bag. Any advice is appreciated...Thanks


Tell us everything you ate today.. times and meals.

You said you have free weights.. bb, db? Enough weight to get strong?

Email me if you want.. we can talk more.

Thanks Ryno. I think I'll do that.

Well just make the bodyweight exercises hard or harder.

Cut more calories then to the point where you will see weight lost.  Also you could be building muscsle mass in that time so your *weight* stays the same.

How do you look?  You should see a change in your look by now.  If not STICK at it and keep running.  Run longer then 2.5miles then.  Up it to 3miles and if that doesn't work up it to 4miles.


What did you eat today though?

So far today I've had a yogurt, banana, and a cup of coffee. I have a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mustard for lunch, and a Special K bar for a snack. Not sure what's up for dinner yet.
I have noticed some changes from the top half of my stomach up, but I still have love handles and the bottom of my gut is still there. I know those are the two hardest places to lose fat, but I just figured I'd notice more of a difference by now. Plus my pants all still fit the same.

dude, it's only been six weeks. try coming back in 6 months to 2 years if you don't have the results you want.

Email Ryno. He will help you.


ya, whenever I have a question on this stuff, I like to bug Ryno :)

Alot of people are caught up in immediate satisfaction mindsets. I can't tell you how many guys in highschool quit weight lifting cause "It didn't work" But the guys who stuck with it all 4 years got major results. Total body transformation doesn't occur in 2 months.

Check your mail, dude.

6 weeks isn't exactly a long time, but there defintely should have been some body composition changes in there. His diet needs to be fixed..

This is what I sent to him via email:

Meal 1 - 1 cup egg whites w/ cheese if you want, yogurt, 1/2 c. oatmeal

Meal 2 - snack: protein shake, banana

Meal 3 - Turkey (I know you said sandwich.. but you may want to try just one
slice of multi-grain bread -- a turkey salad would be better), 1/2 c. of yogurt
or cottage cheese, piece of fruit

Meal 4 - snack: protein shake, some healthy fats (nuts, fish or flax oil)


Post workout shake - 25g whey w/ gatorade or maltodextrin

1 Hour later - Steak and salad (low to no fat in this meal), apple


He doesn't have much weight so he can't really train for max. strength, so I suggested a circuit --

A1.) Split Squat (like a lunge, back leg elevated on bench, hold db's at your
side)- 10 reps each leg

A2.) Pullups - How many can you do? You may want to add weight if you can.

A3.) Romanian Deadlift (w/ 6 isometric pause in stretched position) - 6-8 reps

A4.) Weighted Pushups on DB handles (use a backpack, or if you can have someone
put weights on your back)

Curls optional

Finisher - farmers walks with db's (wrap towels around the handles to make them

Day 2

A1.) DB Snatch - 6-12 reps per arm.. depending on what you can handle

A2.) Explosive Pushup - 3 reps (be as explosive as possible)

A3.) Front Squat (w/ 3 second pause at the bottom) [clean the bar up to get it
into position] - 6-8 reps

A4.) Fatman Pullups - Like a body weight row.. the opposite of a pushup. Set a
bar between two chairs or something. - max reps

Natural GHR - 3x5

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Ryno, thanks bro for the email. I'm going to start tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Good stuff Ryno

You're welcome, TC. I'm always around for questions.. here, email, whateva. Definitely try to get a picture if you can..

Thanks jon.. I'd like to see him grab up a 300lb oly set sometime, but ya gotta work with what ya got. I think that should work out nice for him.

Oh, and thanks for the props Doug & Tristar. Appreciate it.