"Gi"- What is it? Japanese lesson

I did Judo and BJJ and called my gi a, well, a "gi."

"Gi" actually means "clothing." When referring to it, The Japanese call it a "dougi" which literally means "way of ____" clothing. So 'karate gi' would be "way of the open hand clothing' and "Judo Gi" is "the gentle way clothing."

"bathing suit" is "mizu gi" which is "Water clothing." and "Atsu gi" means "warm clothing."

I was thinking about this when today Kadowaki said "I got my wamappugi from so and so store." I said, "You got what?" and he said "wamappu gi." Then I realized he was saying "Warm-up gi" or "warm up clothes." So you can tack 'gi' onto even English words! :) Much like I say, "Oh, when I was ronduri-ing yesterday, I ippon-ed this brown belt." (feh, I wish!)

in japanese you would say kimono i think.

She'd know :-)

I wear no-gi at night. Sexy time!

cool, never knew that before, thanks Roxy

Rox is correct.

hmmI thought in Brazil they say kimono...well, "ki" means to dress" and "mono" is thing, so it's ....things you get dressed in. Nowadays, it's used to refer to the classical dress-like long colorful kimono. I didn't think it was used for the training wear...

anything in japanese, do not question roxy's authority. oh yeah roxy you got mail at your myspace kiddo!

I guess Rorion bastardized the word as well

lol...men wear black suit and tie, white shirt for funearls

women wear black dress

ok so maybe if you say "judo gi" or "jiu jitsu gi" it would translate to judo
clothing or jiu jitsu clothing which is acceptable right?

Actually, it is jitsu not jutsu in most of japan. You can't tell from the kanji how it is pronounced, but you can tell from kana. If the kana sez: jiu tsu it is jutsu if it sez: ji tsu it is jitsu. It's jitsu. dammit.

"a white gi is Japanese funeral dress "

Someone told me that the Karate Gi is a funeral dress cause it represents that the practitioner is willing to die when he wears it.

She said she saw it on tv from a guy with alot of Tattoos. (thus I was convinced)

I promptly bought a blue gi, since I woul prefer to skip death.

wonder what a pink gi means.

Arigato gozaimasu, Roxy-san.


dangit. I'm jealous and want to learn japanese.

It's pretty difficult Molen.  My suggestions is to enroll in collegiate courses and then take the Roxy way of moving over there for a couple years.

With a kimono or gi, you always close the left side over the right side. The only time you cross the right side on top is on a dead body. After WWII, American nurses would sometimes close a Japanese patient's robe the wrong way, not knowing the difference, and the patients would think the nurse was telling them that they were about to die.

Also, when you serve a fish to a samurai, serve it with the belly of the fish facing towards him. The only time you would turn the belly of the fish away is the last meal before he commits suicide, so as not to remind him that he was about to cut into his own belly. So if you give a samurai a fish with the belly facing away from him, he might be angered and ask you if you want him to kill himself.

LOL @ no-gi sexy time.

lmao@ if you give a samurai a fish..... about 100 years late on that one