Giant Silva fan thread!

Okay.... Yes, he sucks. Yes, he is a mutant. Yes, he looks EXACTLY like Gheorge Murhisan (sp?).

But Silva is a funny guy, who seems very nice. Plus, he's not as bad talent wise as Gan McGee, L.A. Giant or Sumo FatMon.

So if PRIDE wants a giant freak to take beatings, I say keep Silva around! He's fun, freaky and funny. Plus, it's always fun to have a Paul Varlens around...

I'll ttt to that.


Who else like's him some Giant?

sure why will be interesting to see him fight against nog or fedor or even randleman.

Can anybody survive Giant Jiu-Jitsu? Remember when jiu-jitsu was hailed as the art that let small men defeat much larger opponents? Oh puny weaklings, how the worm has turned!

LOL@ Giant-Jitsu!

Ya, people in his guard are like three meters from his head!

Giant Silva is awesome. I think he has the most physical talent by far out these guys like Gan McGee, Wes Sims, LA GIant, etc.

THe man is huge, yet his stamina is tremendous. Its too bad he is already 40, or he might have a legit chance at becoming a top HW. He is taking his MMA career very seriously, he came in about 20 pounds lighter than his match against HEath, and obviously put his few months of BJJ training to good effect.

I'd love to see him demolish Ogawa next round in a legit fight, but Ogawa will probably drop out and be replaced by Waterman.


TTT for that!

I'd love to see Nog "teach" him some BJJ!

I think Semi is the best choice to face the Giant. That would be really fun!

"Plus, he's not as bad talent wise as Gan McGee..."

McGee sure didn't look so hot against Schilt, but the above is quite an overstatement. McGee has much more talent than Silva, but not nearly as much size.

Other than that, I agree with everything you said.

ttt for the worlds most handsome fighter

giant Silva is the shit. The gentle giant.

Brad Pitt will play him in "My Giant II: Mellon Clubing"

McGee doesn't have much more talent that Silva. Silva's stamina one two weeks notice is 10 times greater than McGee's when he trains for two months!

Silva at one time was an Olympic caliber athlete.

I agree.

BTW, how is it possible for Gan to have as bad cardio as he does. There shouldn't be ANYONE in the GP who I could outlast!

Can anyone survive the World's Largest Guard?

I agree! Giant may actually become a somewhat legit fighter. Or at least the best of the freakshow crowd!

ttt for Giant SIlva.