GIFs of Lindland Cheating vs Fedor

Lindland grabbing the ropes

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Illegal forearm strike to the back of Fedor's head

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Illegal knee to the spine of Fedor

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good post


this is bodog, not the ufc.

didnt he also come in with fould body odor?

Lindland was heel kicking by Fedor's shoulder/lat area. Looked like he was trying to heel kick his head but couldn't reach.

LOL! at least you back your accusations

Jay you are right. I did the same last year when i created a comprehensive thread showing video and pictorial proof of how Josh Barnett won the first fight against Nog.

One gay thread not enough hey Jack?!

Why are you joining the EY school of debate? All your doing now is hardening the resolve of people who don't agree - of which there are many.

Pulsar, do that somewhere else, not on my threads.

Jack you are a jackass but this is good stuff (except for the rope grab).

Everyone knows now why Fedor cranked that armbar so hard...

just a question...although I imagine it would be frowned upon, can you hairpull? headbutt? the official rules don't specify either as a foul.

biting? 2 Thanks Jack, Thought bodog was going old school, lol.

Pulsar has been trolling a lot lately

great thread

Nah, they'll stick to their "Fedor cheated!" threads where they'll whine and bitch for eternity.

JC destroys the haters. Nice work man.

Haters? I like Fedor, and thought he would win - but this avoidance of what transpired is making people look fucking stupid.

molsonman: Trolling is making multiple threads about the same topic.