girls teaching jiu jitsu (videos)

Hillary Williams made the trip to visit me in Orlando, FL and we filmed a bunch of techniques. Here's the first three videos to be uploaded to Spike. First is a sweep from guard, second is a failed sweep to armbar, and third is a failed sweep to triangle choke.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out her new website at It is very well done.

Thanks for posting :)

I use this move to setup triangles like the third video, but never done the sweep. Thx for the vids!

you are welcome

Ha! cool vids. Keep them coming.

Funny you should ask because I just uploaded my predictions tonight as well. I think Rashad is going to be stalked and will try to load up on big shots like he did against Chuck. I see Forrest winning the decision.

ttt for girls teaching bjj. hillary, you need to give me those pants.

why would forrest stalk rashad when rashad wants to take hm down

We don't know that Rashad wants to take him down. With his new confidence in his hands he may be content to counter punch.

Joanne Australian?

AshnPhenix - Joanne Australian?

South Africa

Does Hillary fight MMA???

thanks smacdaddy. you know your Joanne info.

MMA Girls - thanks smacdaddy. you know your Joanne info.

Yeah, noticed that you mentioned it on your Ultimate Fighter predictions thread. I'm a quick study.

RyannVonDoom - 
MMA Girls - thanks smacdaddy. you know your Joanne info.

Glad you're here now and safe.

Don't worry, I'm not outside of her window. Or am I?

Off subject, Joanne, but I just watched your short film on your Youtube page, "The Last Toll". Pretty good, if I do say so myself. In a total Taranteno sort of way.

Im suprised no one said that isnt the star sweep yet...

Awesome VID!

I take it you work out and keep fit which is good.

wanna be my g/f?