Glover = Best top control in MMA history

Forget Brock

Watch the helplessness in his opponents’ eyes when Glover’s cinder block fists and seemingly better BJJ top control than anyone in MMA history end up there. His age doesn’t matter because he is so fucking good and powerful once he’s got you.

The key to beating Glover lies in not letting him get on top of you. Watch brock pivot and hammer fist and then watch Glover not budge.


honorable mention to Jon Jones and Fedor but neither have the BJJ threat or sheer heaviness he seems to have.

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Skill for skill, he’s certainly no Khabib on top.

Khabib didn’t have the balls to test himself as far as the other people mentioned and frankly doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same light.

Man thank you. I started to mention him in the other thread and was driving and decided my life was more important at that moment but fuck yeah. He sliced thru and mounted Jan lIke he was a stick of fucking butter. So smooth with his transitions on top to the back Aldo. He’s a beast on top. Best is subjective let’s be honest but he’s got one of the best top games for sure.

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I’d also strongly disagree, watch a fight when Glover takes an opponent down. There is no talking to Dana White or asking the opponent to quit, guy is KO’ed or choked out already.

lol right… Glover has a million fights and he’s beat virtually nobody of worth in the worst division.

Tell me who his 5 most impressive wins were to go along with his 7 losses?

Dude is like Mike Bisping. A journeyman who stayed in the game long enough until he beat a weak champ like Jan.


I am the first person to be a skeptic and question a fighter’s worth or skill and I can assure you, you’re wrong.

No, the division no longer contains Jon Jones and on paper his resume may be questionable to someone like you but those losses he had were years ago and only to the very best at their best.

Watch his old fights and see how much his opponents want to grapple.

Also, Charles and Glover’s style is better than Khabib’s wrestling. Demian Maia would eat those guys for lunch. Charles is made to fight Khabib and I guarantee that is a bad matchup. Go wrestle Charles Khabib and see how that works out.

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You don’t have to watch Charles fight Khabib.

Watch Khabib Lite (Islam) steam roll him.

That should tell you all you need to know.

Go have a threesome with Khabib and a Sheep while you guys wear sheep afro hats. Name a fight in the last 5 years, where Charles or Demian were grinded out by a wrestler. They love that shit.

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Also mark my words right here, Charles is going to make that look easy and submit Islam, the submission grappling levels are very much divided between those guys. You are about to be surprised.

Why are you bringing up Demian in all your posts ya weirdo?

Isn’t this a Glover thread?

It’s great that he finally won a title in his old age but don’t try to paint him as some world beater.

I seriously doubt he’ll get 3 title defences like Khabib.

Even in his crummy division.

You’re the one bringing up Khabib in a Glover thread, name Khabibs best wins.

Don’t paint your hero terrorist Khabib as a world beater. He never beat Charles who also ran through everyone. Beating Conor is not impressive if you are Khabib.

Khabib should fight Charles. Islam is not tough and will get block knocked off.


You’re probably right, but Khabib couldn’t have asked for more favorable matchups stylistically in those defenses.

Justin Gaethje is the worst matchup on paper for Khabib in the entire division.

Dynamite in his hands and feet and some of the best TDD in the division.

For a single shot entry, maaaaybe.

That one I will give you, Justin has quit in him and I thought Justin was our best shot. Constantly looked at the clock and folded.

He was in UAE, in enemy territory and then pussy Khabib retires and Justin is sad for his Father, which was suspect. I respect his dad more than him though because he shaved his pussy Muslim beard because he knew it was all wrong. He trained fighters to get out of Islamic Extremism and ended up with Khabib for a son.

Khabibs Father knows Islam is wrong.

I am Canadian for the record and Khabib looks up to our champion.

GSP had way better top control than Khabib but he was no Glover.

Shogun also had this dinosaur fist effect. Shogun on top and youre out cold.


You’re a dickhead just in case no-one has told you yet today.

Bisping was a mother fucker who hid not having but one eye from the commission just so he could fight and you dare compare that to being easy even winning the belt. It’s the shit dreams and movies are made out of your senical prick. Wtf some people just hate to be hating sometimes. What a dick you are lol