Go back in time, change MMA history, wut do?..

Thread's probably been done before..

But, if you could go back to any point in time and change the outcome of any fight, or which promotion a fighter is signed to, etc, what would you do?

I'm torn, I'd either..

1) Have Anderson KO Maia early instead of clowning around the whole fight. My reasoning: it would have undoubtedly setup Silva vs GSP. If I remember correctly, after the Maia fight, Dana said Anderson didn't deserve to fight GSP (or something along those lines). An impressive KO in the 1st rd would have definitely changed Dana's mind, and that fight would have happened.

2) I'd have Fedor sign with UFC before the Arlovski fight happened, most likely resulting in Fedor vs Couture for the HW title, instead of Couture vs Brock.

So, what say you UG? If you could go back in time to alter the course of MMA history, what would you do?.. Phone Post 3.0

There is no alternate universe where during 2010-2013 GSP would have fought Anderson.

Only chance is now that both fighters are ostensively finished with their MMA careers, they will come back for a 'superfight' in order to rake in millions to their respective bank accounts. Phone Post 3.0

Fedor vs Brock Phone Post 3.0

Mustard Tiger - Fedor vs Brock Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

Also would have made Chuck vs Wandy when both were champions Phone Post 3.0

I would of made bj stay at 155 after the second Frankie fight, the Rory and Diaz fight did nothing but build up damage on bj. Phone Post 3.0

Oh and Austin vs Goldberg Phone Post 3.0

I wanted to see Cro Cop vs Couture really bad so cro cop immediate title shot or exactly reverse the outcome of his fight with Gonzaga Phone Post 3.0

Fedor vs Couture

:) Phone Post 3.0

Stop Mir's motorcycle accident, see his full potential

I would have ensured that there'd be no silly bans against 12-6 elbows, or upkicks, or knees to a grounded opponent. Too many fights to count might have had different outcomes.

Hendo unifying all the titles instead of losing to rampage and anderson. I cant choose just one Phone Post 3.0

Chuck wouldn't lose to rampage the second time Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't go back very far.
Maybe call Bones an Uber. Phone Post 3.0

Jouska - Stop Mir's motorcycle accident, see his full potential
This right here. He's one of my favorite fighters of all time. Also I wouldn't let Evan Tanner walk into the desert . RIP Phone Post 3.0

You're all missing it.


It was so close to happening

God I would have loved to have seen that shit.

Rickson vs Sakuraba Phone Post 3.0

Shammy wins UFC 1 Phone Post 3.0

Penn gets the nod against Edgar in their 1st fight like he should have.


Elvis Sinosec submits Ortiz and becomes the first Aussie champion. Phone Post 3.0

Jouska - Stop Mir's motorcycle accident, see his full potential
This!!! Phone Post 3.0