GO TO BED Shogun drama queens

I'm not arguing the stats or the general consensus. I think I made that clear. The point of this thread is that when the decision is that close, there's going to be controversy. People need to stop whining. I was also pointing out the horrible commentary.


Shogun landed 82 strikes out of 149.
Lyoto landed 42 strikes out of 116.

Shogun had 55% accuracy
Lyoto had 36% accuracy

Shogun landed 17 shots to the head (12 power shots).
Lyoto landed 14 shots to the head (8 power shots).

Lyoto landed 24 shots to the body
Shogun landed 16 shots to the body

Shogun landed 49 leg kicks.
Lyoto landed 4 leg kicks.

Shogun landed 48 strikes from distance.
Lyoto landed 26 strikes from distance.

Shogun landed 34 strikes from the clinch.
Lyoto landed 16 strikes from the clinch.

How is it close? Especially considering Rua was the aggressor, attempted take downs and initiated the clinch.
Machida was out pointed and out controlled and beaten up all that = new champion.

And yes when bruce announced that Machida was still the champion I spit my beer out :/