Goin away, need exercises..

I'm gonna be away from weights and whatnot for a couple weeks and was wondering if there were any good exercises for the upper back that didn't require weights (or a chin-up bar!).. Thanks!


For the back? Isn't that more of a shoulder/pectoral exercise?

Anything that can hit the lats?

You might have to find something to do chin-ups on.

Exactly, but I'm not going to be near a gym =/

you might want to try back-bridge pushups. When you're in the bridge position, just push up with your hands.

If you have a table high enough, get under it and grab the edge with your hands, with feet resting on ground or maybe something to lift them like a foot above the floor. Then just pull your chest up to the edge of the table.

Like a reverse pushup. Not going to be near as hard as a regular pullup, so you will have to do more of them.

I know this is going to sound extremely silly, but what about under the sink? Like my upper body goes under the sink, and my hands grab the edge of the sink and pull myself up? I wonder if I could do that without smacking my head......

One-arm push-ups, plyo push-ups, dips...

You could try isometrics? Do a search for maxalding to find an old system of isometrics/calisthenics.

You could try doing pullups on the lip of a doorway, provided it is big enough.

Hmmm, if i was ever in a toilet stall and found someone 'sweating and gasping' whilst sticking their head up-and-down over the doorframe of my stall... well, i would not be happy!