Ray Serraile is flying to Guam this week to fight Dan Severn. I've been in his corner for his last two fights and I think I'm his lucky rabbit's foot. He's just used to hearing me scream at him in my classes and he can hear me above everyone else in the crowd. Pretty cool.

We're leaving Tuesday and should be back next Wednesday. I posted my other thread that SCRAPPETTE is in Texas for a short while and these first couple of weeks have been busy as hell. I've fallen a bit behind on shipping but have 18 Mod. 1's packed up in my living room ready to ship out tomorrow (Monday).

Thanks again for all the support (and patience!) I've gotten from you guys!

Train hard,


Give em hell Scrap

Good luck dude. Take pictures.


Oh yea, good luck!!

*says prayer for the people of Guam*

Well, my trip was called off. The promotor bought tickets for the fighters and other coaches and there was some kind of problem trying to transfer the ticket into my name.

No worries tho, I'm sure Ray will do well. ;)