Going to San Diego 4/22-5/1

Where can I train while in S.D.?

Roy Harris's Academy?

Dean lister at Cityboxing

Need an address and hours of opperation-Thanks

Is City boxing in Pacific Beach?

Hi, I don't get on the internet too much but I saw your thread.

There are several good places to train in S.D.

Of course I'm partial to my gym City Boxing, we are extremely complete with World class equipment, facilities and instruction. Located Downtown S.D.

ask for Brent or Waachiim

This gym is definitely worth it if you're serious and will be putting some time into your training.

i would definitely go to listers if you are in the san diego area

Like Dean said many good schools out here.. but you
will not be let down in any way at CB

U STAYING IN PB? many good guys train there at rodrigo medieros. i think its called avalon bjj

Harris International is great.


There are not many words to describe Dean's skill or how he teaches what he knows...it s just incredible.....but he alone is not the reason to at least check out City Boxing.....Brandon Vera is an ADCC level Grappler and pretty much K1 level striker just took his divisions at both Grapplers quest and the PanAms.......That with world class Boxing and Muay Thai instruction and you have one sick ass gym....check it out I started November at 224lbs now 189 and feeling better than ever! when you call ask for Brendt or Spirit wolf ...theyll hook you up!


SD is the mecca for North American MMA/BJJ.



Thank you for all the response so far!It makes me miss S.D. even more.Class city and class people.It'll be my first time home in 2 yrs.I'll be staying in S.Mission for a few days and Spring Valley the others.
Dean,is CB anywhere near Murphs Gym(if still around)?
Charlie I think I met you along time ago through a mutual friend,Jason(Hula)?

Irish Murphs is not there any more. My old Boxing Coach trained there with Billy Moore back in the day.
IrishThunder I'm sure we have met ,but I'm not sure when. Anyways, stop by and get some training in.

Charlie,Jason's last name is Lynn.Where is SD fight club located?I hope to have the opportunity to train at both City Boxing and SD Fight Club.I like to bring some tools back to Columbus before I fight in May.

Neto Jiu Jitsu
2720 Howard Ave
San Diego, CA 92107
Drop by his gym if your in San Diego, good teacher and great fighter.

IrishThunder,did you play ball or work with J Lynn?
... We're in El Cajon, 941 Broadway, right next to the "Yogurt Mill" ....We'll see you at the gym

I'll be out in SD from July 8th - 20th and plan on training out at Listers for a while as well. Good to know they good remarks on him.