going to try amp

so I ordered amp. A lot of the new fat burners contain yohimbe, and I absolutly hate how I feel on it. Im going to try amp with lean xtreme, a cortisol blocker, also CEE.

Ill let you all know how it works.

The past 3 weeks Ive taken working out completly off because of my calve, ate like a pig at work, lost my motivation. Im probobly at 12.5 % bodyfat now... and Im not happy. Calve is 100 percent now, and its time to get back in business.

creatine ethyl ester.

Also Im in a different boat from most people. I work nightshift and am pretty well accustomed to it. I work 11-7, go to bed at 9am, then wake up at 5pm. go work out... then do whatever and head to work.

Amp... I like it actually. I started it yesterday and I didnt have a jittery feeling like some energy/fat burners. It was continual and nice. That stacked with lean xtreme and creatien ethyl ester...

I can see that this is going to be a very good fat burning combination when combined with HIIT training and wieght training.

And fyi, I know a lot of people seem to be anti high protien diets here, but I know for a fact that when I have a diet high in protien, my recovery is faster, my strength is higher, and my overall lean muscle mass is higher as well.