Going to UFC 49???? (pic)

Don't wait too long to get UFC 49 tickets.Ticket sales have been phenomenal. Fan blocks for hotel rooms will be posted soon.

Official or photoshop?

Somewhat official.

TIMMYDOME came up with the awesome title. someone at Zuffa hook up him with a lousy ticket in the nosebleed seats so i dont have to buy him one!

when do you think the Hotel info will be released?

oh.. and i cant wait for the event.

Thanks saucy. I will be coming to one of the next few,
at least...

Any more chips coming out?

: )

Sauc, when & where is UFC 50 going to be? I gotta plan way ahead to get time off work!

Not any news chips. :(

I don't have a definite date yet.

Is Babulu going to be on this card?

One can only hope.

thanks saucylv33, keep us posted!

Is Babalu vs Tito still on the card or is that pushed back till October?

Nice poster. I could have used it yesterday!


CYA in Vegas.

Babulu vs Beth R will be taking place in room 358 after the next UFC. Not sure who Babulu is fighting on the actual card.

Pretty sure Babalu vs Tito is the fight Zuffa's looking at for August or October.

saucy, please convince dana to bring it back to the Mohegan for 50!! I can't afford to make the trip to Vegas, and they have had the last 4 counting this one. Someday I am determined to make it there, but with my teacher salary it isn't going to be anytime soon. please?

Babalu is not on the card.

Very Cool! and TTT for the Mohegan Sun!

good news about ticket sales.

Card looks promising as well.