Going to UFC 49???? (pic)

great poster Saucy.. keep us up to date!

one of the best posters for ufc ever.



TTT .. hotel info also.. ttt

cool.. i got my tickets in the mail today.

what is the fight card???

shoot77, go to this and you will see what the card might be.


Dana announced the entire card at the UFC 48 press conference....here it is.

Randy Couture v.s. Vitor Belfort

Josh Thompson v.s. Yves Edwards - not for title

Justin Eilers v.s. Mike Kyle

Chuck Liddell v.s. Vernon White

Matt Lindland v.s. David Terrell

Nick Diaz v.s. Karo

Robbie Lawler v.s. Ronald Jhun - at 185

Joe Rigss v.s. Joe Doerkson


My tickets came in the mail yesterday... I can't wait! I've got my hotel room taken care of too, I'm set! My second UFC and my wifes first.

I need to figure out which tickets I am going to buy by next week. Is there a significant difference between the $35 and $75 tickets? Those are my only two options. This will be my first live MMA event, I can't wait!


can anyone suggest a hotel thats modest in price?

Look for any hotel on the strip that is cheap...

IMO the $35 tix are the best deal. The $75 ones are
indeed significantly better, but not TWICE as good. If
you have the money, get the $75 ones. If you are poor
like me, $35 is fine.

Defintely going again

whats yuor idea of modest? look at the San Remo.. or Tropicana.


San Remo has a really good Sushi Bar.

Can I get a discount at the MGM Grand if I tell them I am there for UFC?