Golotta vs. Byrd

Golotta definately won round one I think, Byrd really hesitant to pull the trigger, but being really passive and cowering in the corner. Picking it up in round two though. Byrd is getting in his groove more but now he is getting hit hard though on the ropes he needs to move more and throw more punches if Golotta doesn't respect his punching he will rough him up.

Damn, Byrd hurt Golotta, but then Golotta comes back and hurts Byrd and Byrd mocks him, then Golotta answers back after BELL!

Golatta is dirty as hell, but he is no joke. I hope he KO's Byrd

Byrd doing nothing except mocking Golotta like crazy, but Golotta is landing a lot of body shots and head shots hurting Byrd a little and Byrd mocks back. Golotta I have winning all three rounds, but not doing a lot of damage really.

Going on in the Boxing folder guys!!

Golotta takes round 4! Wait, I don't really like Golotta after watching the second Bowe fight and seeing how wacky he is. No joke though, he is tough, Byrd can't get in his head yet.

Hey, it's been a few years...give the guy a break!

Round 6! Golotta keeping it clean, more viscious body shots thrown and landed on Byrd a few head shots, Byrd knocked his mouth piece out with one good shot, definately a Golotta round though.

Byrd trying to make Golotta hit him behind the head bowing down, he stunned Golotta once or twice, but Golotta landing brutal body shots, Byrd looks hurt but still in it for sure.

Round 7! Golotta controlling the action, occasional frustration from him, but not as aggressive as last round, Golotta landing more body shots, Byrd moving more now. Listening to his mom or whoever that was yelling at him.


waiting for round 8

Round 8!

Byrd back in it in last round. Now Golotta has Byrd on ropes again, controllling him, Byrd landing punches, but Golotta doing more damage, harder blows. though.

Byrd hurts Golotta but not too bad, Golotta throws a burly body shot rocking Byrd backwards, yes, BODY SHOT!, Byrd back on ropes, Golotta landing frequently Byrd landing some too.

Man Golotta, threw a lot of body shots, at the end he threw the right hand really REALLY hard at the end, it hurt Byrd, he was wincing! Golottas trainer told him he is doing it for his kid, faster beat him, Golotta is not tired.

thanks for the pbp heavy


Round 9! Hellish for Byrd, throwing a lot of shots, stunning Golotta early, Golotta fighting his way back into the round though, Byrd is slick with his punches now, Golotta hurting Byrd when he throws though. Golotta throws another hard right body shot, OUCH!

Byrd won that round I think.

sounds like golota is going to have to dig deep to find a way to lose this one

Sounds like a great fight! I never would have thought that though.

Maybe it's just the great play by play :)

Golotta ahead on the cards for sure, maybe by 4 or 5 rounds, but Byrd is in the fight, Golotta dropped Byrd to his hands with a hard right body shot in the lat round. Golotta has got to dig deep to win though cause Byrd is keeping pressure on him even when he controls it. Byrd though has got to do something dramatic to win though, he is behind.

Byrd still landing lots of small punches, Golotta landing massive hard blows, still hiting the body, but moving up to the head too now. I guess this round is about even although I feel edge to Golotta.

it would be hilarious if Golatta fouled out when he's way ahead as usual

jason, that's always an option for Golatta!

Byrd coming in with flurries that do stun Golotta that come from nowhere, but Golotta comes back and hits him HARD, controls and flurries on him hurting him even worse. Golotta is being stunned more, in these later rounds but minor, however Byrd is being hurt by every punch to the body, and is getting stunned to the head and hurt .

Byrd is hurt to the body bad, he is wobbly.