Gomi to cut a deal with either the UFC or SF


Japanese superstar, Takanori Gomi has revealed he is heading to the United States in an attempt to cut a deal with either the UFC or Strikeforce, aided by his friend Tito Ortiz, which could give the Las Vegas promotion an edge.

Speaking via his own blog site, Gomi said:

“I disembarked in Las Vegas on Friday 13 with two goals in mind. The priority is to solve my professional situation in America before my marriage. I hope the negotiations go on and I can have a starting point next year. My friend Tito Ortiz has been supporting me whereas he knows the scenes from this side of Pacific. I will talk to UFC officers and I hope a good agreement this time to show off my potential and get the belt that belongs to me. If I haven’t good conversations with Zuffa, Strikeforce is an option and I hope I’m not here only to tourism.”

I hope the UFC officers treat him well.

Gomi vs BJ 2 will be a hit

threestars35 - Gomi vs BJ 2 will be a hit

Gomi will never earn a title shot in the UFC.

 His friend Tito Ortiz?

I would love love love to see old Gomi come back and storm through the UFC en route to KOing Diego or BJ.

i also doubt he earns a title shot in the UFC.

I consider this great news. Gomi has plenty of good matchups in the UFC and hopefully the change of venue will re-light the fire and we see the Fireball Kid of old back in action.

BJ will probably still beat him imo, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of great fights for him. I'd love to see him get that rematch honestly.

Now get Aoki...

Looks like Gomi's best days may be behind him. Hopefully he can go back to his old self. One thing the UFC 155 pound class is lacking is exciting strikers. Gomi would definitely stand out if he has anything left resembling his prime.

would love to see it

 Gomi would be lucky to fare as well as Denis Kang has in the UFC

would be cool to hear that he was training full time at Jackson's or somewhere soon before or after signing

 I'd cry if he got choked out by Florian.

Gomi needs to leave his gym for fights and basically live in the US for his training camps. He wont ever get real sparring from his students compared to what he would get at one of the big teams

Gomi is washed up. He will never fight for the UFC title. If he fights Penn again ever it will be because Penn lost the title and needed a rebound fight.

He could fight for the Strikeforce title easy though.

It'll probably be Strikeforce. UFC underpays it's light weights even though they put on the far better fights. Strikeforce could use Gomi a lot more than the UFC as well. Gomi vs Thomson or Melendez, great fights.

I don't think Gomi's washed up, but he hit his peak in 05 and 06 and never got back to that level. He also should not have been champion after the Aurelio fight. He was lucky that Pride is so lax with their champs and title bouts.

CLINTK9 - OR we could just keep seeing Melvin Guillard instead?

Pay Gomi what he wants, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually would not be surprised one bit if Gomi's first matchup was with Guillard.

I'm a fan of Gomi, and am interested in how this will play out. If Gomi changes camps and is pushed, I can see him going on a good run. If not, I see any wins he gets being lackluster and probably an upset loss or two to somebody mediocre.

On a semi-related note, I like the picture on his Wikipedia page of him doing a shot.

im sick of people blaming training camps or lack of motivation for gomis lackluster performances..maybe he just isnt that good, thats what i think..he wont go far in the UFC...

Gomi in Strikeforce at this latter stage of his career would make more sense - they will let him choose his opponents.

I expect him to go to Strikeforce. Where he will be able to compete in other organizations overseas at the same time