Good luck MIKE C. and JOE J.! :)

Good luck to MFS fighters MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ and JOE JORDAN, who are fighting at Title Fight Championship tonight in Des Moines, Ia!!! :)

Also, good luck to Mike Van Meer, Ronnie Britt, and Gray Maynard!!! :)

I will be there and look forward to seeing this event tonight!!! :)

Who else is going to be there???

Good luck Mike C

Couture is on the radio (98.3) right now


Mike and I hung out with Gray last night, and he is a very cool guy! We haven't seen Randy yet, as he was flying in today. Apparently he is here now though! ;)

Are you going to be at the show?

I am helping to corner Mike, and I am starting to get nervous! I always get nervous when friends, or anyone from MFS, fights! :( lol Go figure, he is freaking relaxed, and I am sweating bullets! lol Oh well, he doesn't know it, as I am hiding it well! lol

ttt for mike!

ttt for results



Congrats to Mike!!! :)

He worked our gameplan perfectly and won with ground and pound, elbows and punches, about 2 minutes into the first round! :)

Also, congrats to Joe Jordan! He won as well! :)

Gray Maynard won with a very dominating perfomance against Josh Powell!

Who else do you want to know about? I was pretty limited with what I know, as far as results, due to helping Mike, but I will tell you what I remember!

Ps. Mike is like a brother to me, has lived with me, talks to me on the phone 9x a day, and I DEFINITELY know how to spell his name! :)

HELLZZZZ MUTHA FUCKIN YEAH.... Mike C is the man. Improves to 7-0. My boy. Hollaring back as always.

T- Mutha Fuckin Bidness

Ron, Nervous? You didn't know your fighting in Decatur. Your on the card, and the poster. LOL

Congrats Mike!!!

Congrats Mike, that's great news.


Way to go Mike!

YOU KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Congratulatons Mike! Feedin' 'em elbows for dinner huh?

Thanks was a cool show and a good time. Met lots of new ppl!



Sweet. Good job on the W, Mike.

BTW, did you get the package I sent?