Good places to go out in Vancou.?

Hi, so I moved here last month, and spent the last few weeks getting a place, buying furniture (which takes way too long to do, do an ambundance of choice/trying to save money), buying plates, spoons, etc.

Other than going to a sports bar to catch a couple of hockey games (didn't have cable at the time), I haven't gone out yet.

What's good? (downtown region)


The Drake or Brandy's

cool, what type of place are they? Bar, club, etc.

Busy on Friday or Saturday?


sothy, how are u paying for rent?? curious

They are peeler bars.

You live downtown right? There are lots of things to do there. Expensive though.


Whenever my life flashes before my eyes, 80% of it is memories of Brandi's, and I've only been there twice!

Robson Street

Alright, I see, but I dunno about going to a club alone...but not going out is going to get annoying in the long-run (right now I am busy enough doing random stuff).

lions-d, you go to Soares', right? I called them, you guys practise mon-thurs. I am going to go to UBC 2 nights a week I hope (not sure if they got all of hte paperwork in time though), but I will go the other two nights to that place (I want to start in May or next week).

I am working full-time (as an economist) for the government (federal), so that pays the rent. I managed to save up enough money when teaching in Japan to pay for a lot of my furniture, etc. and pay rent, deposit, etc. So now that I have no money again ;o), I can work, pay rent, and hopefully start saving again and going out again.

YOu were applying for a job at e-bay, did you get it? Government work is pretty good as well in that you know your hours (I guess you could make more money in the private sector though), so you can do other stuff (for example I am interested in studying philo or linguistics part-time these days or doing bjj or judo or maybe snowboarding in the winter? (need to get a car though then ;o().

I am lucky that I got a job before coming though, otherwise I could never afford this place, OMG food is expensive in Vancouver! Fuck, I spent 25 bucks on groceries and all I got was cereal, juice, and some milk the other day!

Are you planning on coming to UBC for Judo, or for grad school? (Perhaps I am not reading your message correctly.) Class are Mon and Wed, 8PM to 10PM. I wasn't there tonight, due to the Canucks game. (Our goalie sucked. He's young, but he still sucks. Geesh.) There is also a Sat class from 3PM to 5PM,or where ever we are worn out.) Don't worry about the paperwork. Just show up. No one at Judo really cares, except for insurance purposes. Oh, Sat class tend to be more physically taxing, usually focus on randori. Depending on who shows up as the instructor on Sat, it can be 2 hours of newaza.

Where are you doing your groceries?!?!? Don't shop downtown! Yikes! Did you go to Choices? Good stuff there, but EXPENSIVE.


You could always get tickets for the second round of the playoffs...

Oh, nevermind...



Geesh. Be a Canucks fan, and be ready for a life time of hockey disappointments. :(



no i dont train at soares, i was enquiring about it though, my funds are strained, but check out the martial arts at ubc, last time i checked it out they had judo and sambo there. food is expensive in vancouver, so is the rent and property tax over here. I dont know how u survive by living in downtown core. there is a ymca on burrad and nelson i believe. 34 for students nice facility.

government job, u will be fine.

have fun in vancouver, summer rocks dude.

Well, since I don't know the bus routes and haven't got a car, I went to the IGA that is close to my place. Fuck, I am better off going to restaurants.

Senators fan here. Not changing that.

I am thinking of going to UBC for a diploma in linguistics (my undergrad was a double major in economics and religious studies (the former got me my job and the later got me intersted in linguistics)). The diploma is basically 5 full year classes (you need an undergrad degree to do it, but it isn't grad work).

I haven't done any grappling in 2 years now, so I AM going to start judo again. But, I kinda want to try out bjj as well, so I am thinking judo 1x a week and bjj 2x a week for now.

The class I want to take is Mon and Wed for 3 hours each night, so that makes making the judo class tough. But, Saturday I could do...hmmm, I hope I get into UBC. The Easter weekend means that maybe Queen's didn't send out my stuff in time which would suck.

so lions-d, what do you do in the summer? Do you out downtown? Where?

A Senator's fan living in Vancouver...

Now if THAT isn't my personal version of HELL I dont know what is...


We don't hate Senators fans here. We just hate T.O. fans. :)

Re: shopping
Take the Skytrain to Metrotown (or anywhere else) and shop at Save On Foods.

Re: UBC Judo / Sambo
The Sambo club is no longer active. Of course the Sambo and Judo guys are the same people, so nothing has really changed.

Oh, just show at UBC Judo. It doesn't matter if you are a student there. We are always looking for new ukes, ah, I mean members. :)



summertime is good to head to the beach which is right around the block from u.

i know where that iga u shop at, its expensive as shit. if u can superstore is cheaper than safeway. for fruits and veggies i always buy from those small typical asian grocery stores cause the food there is alwys cheap.

check out the clubs at the granvill strip. a block down from robson. granville and robson. the roxy is where some canuck players hang out

Re: food

Just remembered that there is a Safeway on Davie Street. Shop there. Just look it up in the phonebook and go to Mapquest for directions. It's within walking distance from the expensive IGA.


thanks man