Good Protien

Where can I get some good protien for cheap on the net?
Thanks in advance

get ON protein. It's the best.

dozen eggs around $1.29 at most grocery stores avg 6g per egg and you have 72g of the most bioavailable protein available in nature, or if you wanna go superhealthy you can spend about $3/dz and get the jumbo organic free range eggs

Thanks guys, Atecexa I alrteady eat a shit ton of eggs, I was just lookin to get a lil extra protien as I'm always on the run.
Thank you both for your responses.

Optimum Nutrition's MRP shakes are pretty good. Strawberry is the best

i buy eas and i like it.

avoid soy protein btw

jarrow's whey protien

Jay robb's protien powder

nature's best.

Dr. Evil

How about dry curd cottage cheese? 22g of excellent casein protein in 1/2 cup. Doesnt get much better.

Or if you are on the run pre cook chicken breasts and eat them cold if you have to......tuna is good but high in sodium.....

had a patient the other day... shaking, all kinds of funky neuro symptoms. his magnesium level was 2.9. apparently he ate 2 cans of tuna a day. not so good for mag levels.

Sour- high levels of Mercury will cause similar symptoms, don't know if that shows up on your test. (not trying to second guess you but just wondering if you thought about that)

ya he had murcury. forgot to add that. that was the most important thing. I am writing while at work and I had an admission and had to go take care of work.. hence why Im posting at 1am-4am