Good to train with muscle aches?

Hi everyone.

I have this questions in my mind.

Is it advisable to train a particular part of your body muscle when you have a muscle ache on it?

Will the muscles develop as usual if we continue to train on it while it is still aching?

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Thank You.

I still train if I have some soreness, but if I'm so sore I'm having difficulty doing the exercises properly, I wait. It's not too bad w/ me because I only do weights 3 days a week, and my day 2 isn't nearly as hard as 1 or 3. It gives me a bit of a rest in the middle of the week.


Generally there are 2 kinds of sore- the kind that inhibits your function and doesn't go away, and the kind that just goes away once you start moving. if it's the first, wait, if it's the second, hit it.

I train everyday, pure bodyweight for whole body. When I'm sore (which happens rarely) I just leave a set out or tune the number of reps down.

But the interesting question wasn't answered yet: Will the muscles develop as usual or more/less if you continue to train with sore muscles?

Anyone know?

I'm sore if I don't squat for more then 7 days.  When I go back i don't go easy and I get sore.  It is hard to walk and just move my legs after a session.  I just get over it and carry on.  But if it gets tot he point where I can't do the lift (never in my experience so far) I'll stop it.


Always go way too hard the first day back after a layoff. It's bad to fall into the habit of worrying about soreness. Then you don't wanna do anything before a big training day cause you might be sore. But you also might be sore the day after you train. Better to just take it one day at a time. Cool down and stretching definetly helps if you work the shit out of a muscle.