Goodridge Lied

So much for him retiring from MMA. He is scheduled to fight in the next K-1 MMA tournament.

It will be good to see him fight again. He still has a lot of good years left in him.

And why do we care????

goody is pretty good at kickboxin. bummer he didnt learn 10 years ago

He retired from Pride, went to K1.

How old is Gary??

Only used the term liar to get peoples attention.

He did have good years. Sure he lost, but he won plenty as well. The best part is considering he has been in MMA since the haydays, he is still able to compete competitively with the young guns. You gotta give the guy his dues for that.

He is a liar. You don't go out of retirement after 1 month. It just makes his afterfight drama even more comical. In addition, he cheated the audience.

I don't beleive Gary Lied. I'm pretty sure it was always specified that it was his retirement match from pride.

He's 39 or 40 I think?

I always thought it was a retirement from Pride.  I would like to see Goodridge return to the UFC.  Of the old school UFCers, Goodridge would be a good addition IMO and competitive too. 

He is 42

Goodridge is 38 years old.

He is 19-14-1 in MMA. To say he never had good years is rediculous. He has been competitive in K-1. He went the distance with former world GP champ Mark Hunt. He KO'd Mike Bernardo. He was the gatekeeper for Pride for a few years. He fought against more top HW's than anyone. He did pretty well back in the day in the UFC and he's still going strong. I think Gary does have a couple more good years ahead of him. He has K-1 level standup and has been training with Tom Erickson now for a few years. He's an experienced and dangerous fighter.

It would be great to see Goodridge return to the UFC. He definitely has a name in North America. If Kimo beats Ken, how about Kimo vs Goodridge.

Peter P

I was wrong.He is 38.I just did the math wrong.Peter is right.

LOL @ Patterson passing judgment on someone's career. If you don't move out of your podunk town and do something other than washing dishes for a living we're going to say the same thing about you in 20 years. The diffence is that we will be right.


TTTerry Funk!

To say Goodridge is not competitive is absurd. So he makes the finals of UFC 8 his first MMA appearance. He wins the 8 man IVC 1 tournament. He KO's Oleg Taktarov in Pride 1 and loses in a competitive fight to Marco Ruas in Pride 2. In Pride 3, he Ko's Amir Rahnavardi. Gets KO'd by Igor V who was one of the top HW's in the world at the time. (Competing in the first 4 Pride's is an accomplishment in itself never mind coming away with 2 KO victories). Beats Overeem at Pride 14 who was at the time top 10. KO's Andre Roberts at UFC 19 giving Roberts his only loss of his MMA career. Coming off back to back wins in MMA to Bobish and Frye. He is 19-14-1 in MMA having lost to numerous top fighters including Don Frye X2, Mark Coleman, Igor V X2, Marco Ruas, Tom Erickson, Ricco Rodriguez, Nogueira and Fedor. Now that's 10 of his 14 losses right there.

He's fought in the UFC 8 times and in Pride 19 times. You don't do that by not being comptitve. The above isn't including his K-1 fights. To say that's not a good career is rediculous.

Peter P

Peter puts it into perspective.

He did not lie.......He had some problems for a bit but they got solved. Check out his last interview with us and he explains it. You should check your facts before you call someone a liar.

Can any of you critiqing web warriors (a la Patterson, Evil Yoshida)beat him? Yeah thats what I thought - so STFU! I agree with hounddoggy on this one.