Gracie Open

Mrzipplokk- I will bet you


"Will Frank Shamrock be there?"- I hope so. We will be inviting his school.

Hi Cesar, it's Akosa (used to roll at Fairtex & train with Jake & Gil & them) hope things are well up there for you and yours. I might compete in your tourney again this year.

My $0.02: Mayhem/Diaz & Sheilds/Shanchez would be the shit. And Melendez vs any person you see as a tough challenge for him would also be the shit. Make it happen.

Look`s like I`ll have to edit my post.I Would have bet some money on this being an imposter but, now that I`m home from work,I can see that I`m lucky that I did not.

Sorry Cesar.

Mr. Gracie I think your team vs. 10th Planet would be a great matchup what do you think?

Please,get this man a green name.

CUO vs.Dan Black


What is your opinion of your student Dan Black?

What is your opinion of Eddie Bravo?

Will you compete in MMA again?

Thank you for coming on here!

Stuart- who do you suggest from their team?

Yves- Don't want to get involved in other people's feud. It's not my war. My general opinion is that people should talk less and fight more. As far as me doing MMA I don't have any concrete plans but if I return to the cage it will be at 170 or even 155. I get too fat at 185 since I don't take the "special supplements".

hey, Ricksongjj, I have a pic of Cesar that we used for autographs at an mma event we put on up in Humboldt..I can send it to you..

crack head-

why don't you just call the police instead? you are an idiot.


thank you for coming on here to answer questions. Do you usually read

Crack Head.....stop smoking crack, and get a clue dude.
That crap was made up to make Frank not look like such a dumb ass for taking a fight against a guy with no MMA record.
Cesar is a G for steppin it up to battle him in the first place.
No MMA record.
Got it?
Now shut up.
GO smoke some more crack.

cesar, I want a match with jeff glover.

jacob hardgrove

Prof. Gracie

I would recommend some of 10th Planet's top competitors like Eddie Bravo, Mr. Checkyouroil, etc.. or whomever is willing to compete.

Mr. Crackhead

I believe Cesar Gracie fought a gay man by the name of Thomas Jamison 14 times as he repeatedly attempted to advance himself upon Mr. Gracie. Luckly for Mr. Gracie he won all 14 times.

PEZAO vs.. silverback gorilla?

id like to see hardgrove vs glover as well

Mag- Today's 185 pounders are well over 200lbs come fight night.

Hardgrove if Dave says yes, you're in. NCFA gets 2 superfight slots.

Howard it's both

Stuart how about Melendez vs. Bravo? Are you from his school? We'll take the match.

gilbert vs eddie bravo would be a good match

Mr. Gracie

I'll have to check with Mr. Bravo's agent to see if this is something they may be interested in. In the meantime I suggest you and Mr. Melendez pick up Mr. Bravo's book "Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed" and if you are in the LA area take full advantage of the $40 private sessions Mr. Bravo's agent Mr. Checkyouroil is offering.

This may atleast give you all a fighting chance if this match were to take place.

cesar,Checkyouroil vs anyone from graciefighter/ncfa would be fine by most of us..

Hardgrove vs Glover would be legit for sure..

IMHO Bravo does not want to rumble w/Melendez it would not be a good match up for him at all

Cesar,what exactly do you mean by this staement?

"I get too fat at 185 since I don't take the "special supplements". "

I understand the difference between fighting at your walking around weight and cutting 20 lbs for a fight but niether of those has anything to do with "special supplements"

Just trying to clairify your statement,not trying to be disrespectful at all.

Sunndogg-Thanks me