Gracie School in Ottawa ?

Can anyone give some info on the Renzo Gracie School in Ottawa. Thanks

check out:

I only know good things about Team Renzo Ottawa, Didnt they just win some medals at the Arnolds?

Edited because I was sorely misinformed. My apologies!!

Jesus christ KashK..

I talked to guy named Pat on the phone at the Renzo school, seems to know a lot. He says they now have 5 blue belts 3 guys got promoted at the Arnold Relson Gracie tournament. Any more info about Ronin? Do they go to competitions?

Well Kashk you dont understand much. If you are not informed on a subject you should not comment on it. You ignorance is obvious once again. Ghost as I said on the phone try a couple of classes around town and make your decision about what Academy is right for you. The only thing I know about Ronin is Ben seems to be a nice guy go check him out.


NOT LETTUCE has lord' name in vained the correct.

"Yeah they got a couple of medals. From what I understand, they have only white belts there" - do you realize how condesending and insulting you sound? Then to follow that up with your typical pro-N.U. rhetoric. Nice.

Hey lettuce

Its cool, Kashk just sounds like an ass. As I stated above he knows nothing of what he is posting we won three medals and the silver we won was in the blue belt division. And even though I am only a Blue Belt and we have so little experience. We have NAGA, as well as Grapplers Quest CHAMPIONS. That is not including all the medals we have from those tournaments. We also now have a Mundial medalist training here. Although we dont have much experience.


If you think a blue from Renzo's doesn't mean much then you don't know anything about Renzo. I also doubt he would allow ANYONE to teach under is name who was not an excellent grappler and instructor.

bjjghost, I met some of the guys from the Renzo Ottawa club at NAGA last year and they were a great bunch of guys. As a beginner, you'd be doing yourself a huge injustice if you didn't check out all the clubs in the area. Go to each club for a few days and see how you get along with the guys as that's just as important as how good the instructor is.

good luck and have fun.

Thanks for the props Marc

Did you not used to live in Ottawa?? Do you train at Rey Diogo's Academy?? I am going to be in Los Angeles soon for the pan-ams (even though according to Kashk we dont have much experience) And Renzo was telling me to go train at Rey's place. Let me know.


Props to Kashk

you made a mistake and corrected it. Thanks

Once again my apologies. I was misinformed, that you only had white belts. Usaully the info I get is correct, and more than anything on this forum we share what we've heard and seen. This situation goes a long way towards explaining why seeing should be believing.

I realize now that my tone was insulting, and I apologize for that. Also as a result of the Arnold's I've gotten off the team thing. Seeing politics get in the way of having the best guys in the world compete, showed me how ridiculous this team stuff can be.

I never said anything about the level of instruction. Marc_Scott, I never said anything close to what your claiming.

"Jesus christ KashK"

Doesn't have quite the same ring that "superstars" had.

Anyway, I am willing to admit that I was wrong. And I sincerely wish you guys the best. Hopefully the Ottawa BJJ scene can get really big, and then we can have tons of tournaments (sanctioning willing).


"Any more info about Ronin? Do they go to competitions?"

hi bjjghost

What kind of info were you looking for, the level of training there? Well, there's two purple belts, about 10 blue belts, plus plenty of white belts. Everybody is very friendly and trains hard.

As for competitions, yes, we've been to competitions from Hamilton to Montreal and always do very well. We have fighters who compete in Muay thai, BJJ, submission wrestling and MMA.

if you have any more questions, I'd suggest calling the club up (613) 596-0866 or stopping in for a free class

Hope to see you soon

Mark Loft

Ronin MMA

Thanks for all the advice! I had no idea the BJJ scene was so emotional, but I guess I will have to check out both clubs to be fair. Thanks again.


I know about Ben, but who is the other purple?


I don't know if you've met him, kashk. When he moved here from brazil, his blue belt was so worn that it looked white lol