grappling dummies?

I really want to get back into training but it's impossible to do with work and school. I was wondering about grappling dummies. I did a search and it seems the Bubba is the best one but it's out of my price range. Does anyone know where to get a good one for maybe $200-$250? I found a site selling one for less than $200 ( but am not sure of its quality or weight.

I have two dummies, a heavy one for throwing and a lighter one for skill training. I would recommned not purchasing one. Pick up an old used heavy bag or get yourself a sea bag from a surplus store and pack it with old clothing rags etc.. There are a variety of drills you can do from takedowns and ground positions to ground and pound. Mr. Mark Hatmaker has an awesome dvd-vhs on the ground bag. I constantly use it when I dont have a partner.

mongrel- I'd be using it to drill submissions and transitions so i'd need arms and legs. Also, i'm completely fucking inept when it comes to making something myself. I've heard people say to just make one as opposed to spending a ridiculous amount of money so i'm looking for an economical one.

I have the big blue dummie. Good for mount and side control work, I dont reall like doing guard work with it.

curious as well


so, it's good to rep out techniques,
no partner complaining.

is it sturdy?

I don't want to be repping on a pillow

Big Blue is plenty sturdy. It's not great for subs (unless you modify it) because the limbs are completely straight. It will pretty much stand on its own for 1-2 seconds (good for shoots or throws).

do the shoulders have and ROM?

sorry for asking too many questions

How much did it cost?

i'm right here!