Great deal on gym membership


our high school's new fitness center. they got alot of government money to build a new fitness center, and have to open it up to people living in the community and only charge one buck for a year..

hours for the public are monday to friday 5:00 Am to 7:00 am and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

saturdays from 9:00 Am to noon

it's really modern stuff..full range of Hammer Strength and Nault. Generation 2 equipment

they do have a dumbell station with dumbells up to 90 lbs and some benches

lots of cardio equipment treadmills, eliptical trainers, stair climbers


i guess you really cant waste a dollar a year. even if you never go.

yeah I couldnt believe it either. I was telling Ali and Taku, with my sombo school, boxing and wrestling gym dues...a gym membership was not in my budget. a guy from my sombo school told me, he worked out there. I went and checked it out...and it's true.. I paid my buck. There are a couple other high schools in ther area that do the same thing, for people living in those towns.

The place is AMAZING...not like my weight room when I was in high school LOL

the hours sort of suck...but you can only use it when school is not in session and the school's sports teams have use of it until 7 PM

it's packed with people from 7-9 PM so I've been going at 5:30 in the morning.not many people then

banco, you'd be surprised....the same people are there often.

most of the people who go in the morning are athletes...marathon runners, bikers, even a skateboarder...and then there is me


now if you'll just move the gym into my neighborhood.....