great med

Posted this on ug, will try here, has anyone tried this, any side affecs? Hurt my knee a few months ago duing leg presses, felt repeated pops. knee swelled bad. mri showed no acl or miniscus damage but degenerative arthritics and bursities from the knee sprain.i'm old [62] and have many aches and pains. after a month of rehab swelling went down. Strained it last night doing back exer where you lift a bar with a weight on end that you straddle between your legs. My doc had given me a script for Sheffield Expert Compounding cream that i haden't used. Tried it this morning and pain stopped as soon as i rubbed it on. This shit is amazing, says not to drive so it must be good.

Never heard of this stuff, so I googled it. It sounds like a company that makes customized transdermal pain creams. So I guess it would depend on what the doctor requested be placed in the cream and what ingredients/compounds were used as to how effective it would be.

I would be very cautious though that you make sure your prescription does not get contaminated. Depending on what chemical is being used to penetrate the skin, transdermal creams, if contaminated, can also transport the contaminate into your body as well.