Green supplements?

I know one of these threads was created before, but search doesn't yield anything for me.

Anyways, I hate vegetables and don't get enough greens in my diet, and I've been meaning to rectify that. I've seen some green supplements at GNC, but they looks overpriced and I don't know what to get.

Anyone have some links or recommendations for quality green supplements? I appreciate it.

 I use NANO GREENS on suggestion by my nutrionist. I was sorely lacking in greens and vegetables. But now I eat more greens/veges and use the supplement.  Its costly as most greens products but it works very well for me.

The only other greens product i used was Greens Plus wild berry burst which taste wise was pretty good compared to others because of the fruit component and I liked it as well. Greens plus is cheaper than nano greens i believe.

My diet is getting better and better and eventually you will hopefully integrate enough greens and veges which is what happened to me.


Buy a juicer and make fresh juices.  You can get a lot of greens down and make it taste good by adding an apple or carrot or beet to sweeten the juice, or using lemon and/or lime to make it more citrusy.  I don't believe processed powder can ever be a real replacement for fresh vegetables.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have a juicer but haven't really put it to use with vegetables.

I'll give that, and a few of the other suggestions a try.

Try some green juices...they can be surprisingly mild and easy to drink even if you don't love the taste.  And if you add apple you can make it sweet.  Just stay away from bitter greens for now(mustard greens, dandelion greens, etc.).

I hate vegetables.... Oh yeah, which ones? There are thousands of them, lol! Big difference between limp canned green beans and grilled asparagus or cooked spinach in an awesome omelet. Sounds like you're not doing it right.

With that said, a juicer isn't a bad way to go and greens+ is good stuff to get a little extra.

Anyone have some good recipes for the juicer? Occasionally I'll throw in some baby spinach into my protein shakes, but that's the extent of it.

I dislike the taste of most green/yellow vegetables. I can see though how juicing would make it easier to stomach.

So experienced juicers, care to share your concoctions?

ttt for recipes