Green v Mundine Vote Poll

There is a Voting Poll currently happening at Danny Website


green would destroy him, yup.

Green will expose mundines plastic jaw real fast!!

So its a poll on whether Green would beat Mundine that is hosted at

I'm going to be my house that 90% vote for a Danny Green victory (and if there are victory conditions- early round KO).

you gotta hope green wins, if they do fight, so mundine's mouth and ego isnt as big...


I like MUNDINE ;)


Mundine by Decision!!!

did anyone watch the Green vs Lucas fight? Lucas had him bewildered in the first three rounds with not so fast hands! I say ko rd 4 and at post fight interveiw all Mundine can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I think Green has too much power but if it went the distance i'd put my money on Mundine by points. Green to powerful for Munidine - Munidine too qucik/techincal for Green. IMO of course.

I think too many bag out Munidine not becuase of his boxing but primarily because he's outspoken and dare i say it Aboriginal & Muslim. In fact many things Mundine has said have been taken out of context and probably make a bit more sense then some would realise.

The fact is Mundine's probably like any other fighter- he'll fight whoever they put in the ring with him however his management are smart and have set everything up for him. However don't forget that he hasn't had any amatuer fights and going off the only pro fights he's had the guy is awesome and a natural. How many am fights did Green have?

Mundine and Green are both superb fighters however for my money Paul Briggs is the Man among the Oz boys...

Green, I bet he would rock Mundine sometime in the first 4 rounds and then go in for the kill.

Manto, Kostya has lost many 1st rounds and won the fight easy. That way they fight for 10 or 12 rounds not 1. To say Green lost the 1st 3 rounds means nothing in a 12 round fight + Green probably new he had to win by Ko to win the fight so why not take his time.

As of Green Mundine many are right in that Mundine has very fast hands but he beat Echols who hadn't fought for over 13 months and been shoot also in that time. Echols didn't throw a straight punch for the whole fight and Echols let Mundine hold onto him when ever he got in close.

Look back at the Mundine Sullivan fight and Sullivan didn't let Mundine hold, everytime Mundine held Mundine ended up on the ground. Sullivan is alot smaller and not as strong as Green. If Mundine tries to hold Green i think Mundine will be thrown to thew canvas or out of the ring. Green also throws straight punches.

If it went the distance i would also pick Mundine but ni cant see how he could weather Greens power for 12 rounds.

Keats, I did not say he lost the first rounds, I said that Lucas had him "bewildered with not so fast hands"(big difference) imo Mundie hits a lot harder than lucas does and is shit loads faster. My point was if Mundine got down to buisness early and based on what I've seen he definatly has the tools to ko Green.

Here Are The Results So Far
Yes 98.74%
No 0.73%
A Total Of 36735 Voted.

If this fight does happen then it won't be for ages yet.
Why fight now? there's no reason (titles)

I thought Green got on top of Lucas pretty quick but Lucas was dangerous early.Green had too much power early in the fight for him,same as the Beyer fight.

How Green goes in later rounds will tell,as he fights for the WBC version.Mundine will fight for the WBA version as he is only the interim title holder.

Joe Clazaghe has been the "Man" in that division for a while but is now moving up to Lt/Heavy,Paul Briggs weight division.

Who's watching the Briggs v Ruiz PPV on March 7?
Top card.

Hypothetically ;)

Does anyone here think that having a man like MUNDINE at a MMA show and hyping the HELL out of it would be a good thing for the sport?


would someone like Mundine give credibility to MMA since it's still a young sport in this country?

Credibility is probably not an issue moreseo attention. I think we need an ausdience before we worry how we are received. Anthony would certainly help us reach a larger audience. I know he is a massive fan of the sport.


So the "any news is good news" theory would or could put MMA onto the mainstrean?

That's what Mundine has done, now he is trying to be taken seriously by the general public.

Time will tell,beating Ottke won't be the only way tho.