GSP circuit workout

UPDATED!  NOW WITH VIDS OF THE MAN HIMSELF!  (Hate Dailymotion, not me)

GSP circuit workout:
In his video, He claims he does this full workout 2-3 times a week, intermixed with fight training every day, as well as HIIT sprints 2x/wk. All circuits are 4X10, 1 min active rest between each.
Bench Presses
Swiss ball pushups
Dumbell flys
Bent over barbell rows
Barbell squats
Dumbell lunges (5 forward, 5 backward)
Swiss ball leg extensions
Squat jumps (jumps as high as he can)
Circular back extensions
Twisting double crunches
Bent dumbbell rows (10 each side)
Swiss ball crunches
Seated dumbbell presses
Barbell Clean & Press
Barbell bicep curls
Barbell tricep extensions
Enjoy!  Train hard!


Good shit!

good stuff,thanks for posting.

what does he do all the exercize at each training session? 4 sets of each excersize for ten reps everytime?

he does 10 reps of each exersize in the circuit in order, then rests 1 minute, then starts again at the beginning of the circuit.  He goes through each circuit 4 times.  Then moves to the next circuit.  He does all the circuits in one day, 2-3 days a week, probably more when hes got a fight coming up.

this is just his strength/conditioning program, not his cardio or sparring.

Does he do like,2 in the morning, and then the rest at night or something?

^ dont know that detail.  He leads one to believe he does it all in one workout session, with a decent amount of rest between circuits.  If you do it all back to back its 640 reps, half as much as Franklin's monster workout.

If anyone has a written example of one of rich's workouts, please post.  I know Marine Corps Mike at the Power Station in Cincy changes his workout up frequently, but if anyone has an example, based off a video or whatever, please post!  i've seen the All access, but haven't gotten a good feel for the start to finish of his workout.

ps what is the name of that exercise i mention in the arm/shoulder circuit?  Is it some kinda clean/jerk?


when you're bent over, the row works your chest and front delts, more than the upright row, i think

my mistake, in the video, the circuit is entitled "chest and back"

so i guess he's throwing lats in there too

Yep, the bent over row is a back exercise.

anyone have the vid? i'd like to know if it's a clean and jerk or a clean and press in the shoulder section.




cahones or anyone who is interested in the vid, AIM me on the screenname "uhfelons", i will send you a link to dl.

get it while its hot