GSP: i'm not ducking Hendricks, Diaz is logical

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                                GSP: i'm not ducking Hendricks, Diaz is logical

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                    <p>UFC&nbsp;Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre is fighting Nick Diaz next, which lead some fans to feel he was ducking Johny Hendricks.</p>

If you agree, GSP is not impressed with your analysis.

“I’m not ducking,” St-Pierre told FUEL TV. “I can’t split myself in half. A lot of people want to fight me. Anderson Silva, Johny Hendricks, Nick Diaz. Everyone is calling me. They want the big fight and the pay-per-view. I’m going to take one fight at a time.

“Johny Hendricks is a good challenge and is an amazing fighter, but I saw his fight with Josh Koscheck and it was very close. Some people give it to Josh. But he won in a very good fashion in his last fight.

“For me, I was more motivated to fight Nick than Johny Hendricks. I know Johny is going to smack talk to motivate me, but right now I’m focused on Nick Diaz and we’ll see what happens later.”

“As an athlete, I want to give fans the fight they want to see. Logically, I just finished my fight with Carlos Condit. The last fight between Carlos and Nick was controversial. I truly believe Carlos won, but some people believe Nick won. A lot of things have been said between us. This is the fight everyone wanted to see a year ago, I want big fights.

“Right now, it was logical to fight Nick Diaz.”

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Diaz is the right choice. He can beat up Hendricks later.

Johny Hendricks vs. Jake Ellenberger
Rory MacDonald vs. Carlos Condit

Those 2 fights are eliminators for who fights for the vacated WW belt. Its pretty simple.

EvilMaster - Diaz is the right choice. He can beat up Hendricks later.

EM is correct Phone Post

GSP is right. If Hendricks has 'earned' his shot he should understand waiting in line for someone that already earned his shot well before him. This talk of ducking is just Sonnonesque self promotion in an attempt to jump the line. Wait your turn Johny.

He is 100% correct and I can't believe he even has to explain himself.
Wouldn't have mattered who he choose he would have been ducking. Phone Post

ofcourse it's logical... this fight has the least risk and biggest reward for GSP.

I used to like Hendricks, then he started opening his mouth

Cung knocked my ace out - 

DfW- hey Johny you win your fight vs Martin and the title shot is yours...

Johny KO's kampmann in the first

Dfw- Diaz fights next for ww championship coming off a loss as well as nsac suspension.

Johny- huh?

Dfw- Johny, you fight 12th ranked JAKE ELlENBERGER!!

One big collective WTF Phone Post

12th? lol

GSP knows what's up.  Good for him.

Didn't Diaz retire? I'm a huge fan but didn't he say he was finished after the Condit fight?

Considering half the forum thought Diaz won the fight vs Condit anyway. It makes sense to give Diaz a shot after Condit.

Meh, if GSP was fighting Hendricks next, he would be ducking Silva.

I don't care what the judges scored it. Nick Diaz didn't lose that fight. I don't believe he did enough to win it, but Carlos certainly did not do enough to win it either. If we just admit to ourselves that the UFC is not a real sport but a weird hybrid of real fighting and pro-wrestling, then yes GSP/Diaz makes perfect sense.

He is just getting back into the swing of things. He was supposed to fight Diaz. He just wants to shut Diaz up with a dirty beating. Hendricks needs couple more fights, he is not ready to fight gsp. Most of GSPs opponents had a very good record before they faced him. Like alves, koschek, shields, penn, hughes etc.
I would rather see Diaz and GSP.

Entreri - Meh, if GSP was fighting Hendricks next, he would be ducking Silva.

Exactly.  It's like he said, everyone wants to fight him and he can't split himself in half.  Props to him for taking the Diaz fight.


GSP's one of the good ones.

Did anybody else read this in GSP's voice?

GSP insists on fighting Hendricks, fans say he's ducking Diaz.
GSP insists on fighting Diaz, fans say he's ducking Hendricks.

In too many fans' eyes, he can do no right.

This could be a blessing in disguise for Hendricks. If he smashes Berger, he will be setting himself up for a hefty payday. It will all work out in the end Mr. Hendricks. Just quit bitching already.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum - 

Did anybody else read this in GSP's voice?

I always read GSP interviews in GSP's voice.
Same for BLAF
Same for Bisping