GSP will walk right through Serra. Just watch.

 Everyone is making way too big of a deal about the loss to Serra and what people THINK about GSP's mental game.

This will look just like the last Hughes fight and everyone will be saying that they can't believe how good GSP is again.

Mark my words. Feel free to ttt this post after the fight.

I tend to agree. Just can't get a good line to bet it.


 Nothing in the past few years has indicated that GSP is anything but incredible.

Serra caught him last time and won 'fairly squarely', but it was certainly a punch that GSP will respect this time.


he didnt look incredible cause he got popped early in the fight...duh...

GSP impressively...

GSP will walk through Serra? just like last time right...haha


I agree.

Wouldn't be surprised if we see one of the worst title fight beatings in recent memory. Serra is tough, though, and won't give up easy to anyone. That's why it could be real bloody.

Ideally GSP will be a rocky moment or two and really show the champion's ability to come back. But skill wise they are at different levels. I can't see GSP performing at the level Serra has in recent bouts, nor Serra doing anywhere near what GSP has done of late.

with every minute that goes by where serra should not have lasted that long, GSP is going to realize he's in for a fuckin' fight and so will all the nuthuggers. just like last time.

I will bet any fucking idiot here that GSP will win, except I have no name to bet.
I'll bet Kirick for a name.

Agree w/ thread starter.

See GSP = Domination for elaboration.

I think (just like I thought last time) that Serra is about to get beaten to a pulp.

I cannot wait to see GSP fight Fitch.

 I thing serra matches up well see repeat performance

i dont see how gsp can finish serra. Nobody submits Serra, and Matt has the better standup.

I see GSP either getting KTFO again, or more likely winning a boring LnP decision like he did against Koscheck, Penn, and Karo.

you wish


GSP walked straight through Serra after all. Serra was barely in it for all of five seconds.

ROFL @ thinking Serra could win