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If the Grappler's Toolbox is being ditched in favour of Maximology, does that mean that everything that was covered in the Toolbox is rennovated in Maximology?

Specifically, I was quite interested in Ground Engagements and was accordingly placing the Toolbox near the top of my next purchases of your materials, but now that I've ordered Maximology do I still need the Ground Engagements tape?

Cialin, Maximology is the "decoder ring" to my "Biomechanical Exercises". There are a number of exercise in Maximology explained in such a way that one can finally understand how to approach training with Biomechanical Exercise.

In that case would I be correct in making the leap to assuming that the more of your previous material one has had exposure to the more one will benefit from Maximology? And if so, why scrap the Toolbox?
I would have assumed that it could remain available as a source of exercises rather than a system of programming them, available with the caveat that the approach in Maximology will offer a more complete understanding of the Bio-Mechanical Exercise concept.

You'd have to see Maximology to understand why that is. Ask over on the forum to the instructors involved in the course.

Cilian, email me.


Hey Scott,

I've been thinking about purchasing Maximology as
well but have some questions first. Is there alot of
overlap with your earlier stuff(GTB, Zdorovye, etc.)?
Also do I have to purchase clubbells in order to
fully utilize Maximology?


As I said Maximology ties it all together and decodes the environment of all my prior work. No you don't need clubbells to fully utilize Maximology. CBs are just one tool in the toolbox.

All of the previous sets are various spice jars on the rack, Maximology is the cookbook.


Is it safe to assume then that there are no spice jars in Maximology, only recipes?

(That is, you have to buy the other tapes to get the exercises?)

It is not safe to assume that, P4P. There are tons of exercises and drills in Maximology, many not in any other resource.

Very cool, Scott. Just wanted to make sure.

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