I can do static handstands, handstand pushups, handstands on bars, etc.

But I can not walk on my hands!

Anyone have advice on the first step?

Do it the way I learned in 3rd grade: Start with forward momentum. Stand with one foot in front of the other, hands in the air, and rock your body forward in cartwheel-like motion and speed. Put your hands on the ground, and take two steps on your hands before returning to your feet. At first, make it your goal to work up to taking five steps, one right after the other, moving forward the whole time. Then progress to ten. Then across the room. Keep at it, and in a few weeks your only limit should be the strength of your arms and shoulders.

When i went to a gymnastics club, there was a little kid who looked like the young tarzan in the cartoon film and he could handstand walk for ever. We named him tarzan.
A good way to learn to walk on your hands is to get a friend to hold their arm or a bar out so it's touching your calves or heels. Get them to walk with you, helping you balance a bit and then take away the bar when you feel you have the balance and technique sorted. Do this till you have it dialled.

Might work, good luck.