Happy 21st birthday UFC!

Video rental in 2001 here in Australia. Phone Post 3.0

Heard about it and was dying to see it.  A buddy got the first two from a buddy of his on VHS, we watched them together and I was hooked.  You could get them at blockbuster shortly after that.


Gracie Jiu Jitsu, all the way!

Best sport ever! I started watching at The Ultimate Fighter. One of the best things you can get into for health reasons if you don't want to compete.

My dad saw/tape the ufc ppv in michigan i think, where ken shamrock and somebody essencially circled each other for 30 mins. but the rest of the card must have been amazing because he took up like karate or some thing right after (for a month maybe) and when we saw shamrock in the WWF i always knew that this motherfucker was the real deal. I didn't see the PPV that night, my parents treated the UFC like it was porn and he hid the tape away from us till we found it one day and watched it i must hav been 7 or eight.  I remember thinking i was watching like some crazy illegal thing, and was always looking out for ufc ever since.

Live Black Box cable Happy Birthday we are 21

Happy birthday UFC!

William C - Happy birthday UFC!
. Phone Post 3.0

Blockbuster video with my dad in the mid-late 90's. We were looking for the coliseum home video collection and it was then that I discovered MMA for the first time. Phone Post 3.0

Looks like kirik got some choc cake on his nose Phone Post 3.0

I got handed a black VHS tape in 96 I was 17 and on that tape was UFC 2. Before that i was watching a lot of boxing,

Ever since then I've been hooked,
I started to hunt down tapes an DVDs anywhere
Video shops. Shopping centres
An then finally I got foxtel in 2000
Or so.

Never missed an event since
HAPPY BDAY UFC Phone Post 3.0

I watched Carlos Newton bulldog choke Pat Militech. Was hooked ever since. Phone Post 3.0

I was 8 and they made me leave the room. I distinctly remember seeing it come on and getting ushered out Phone Post 3.0

Kirik -

The Ultimate Fighting Championshipdebuted at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado, on November 12, 1993.

Were you watching? If so, what did you think?

If it wasn't UFC1, when did you first see the UFC?

Mom & Pop's video rental mid 90's.. I was kinda grossed out and thought I had made a shiTTy decision once again seeing I had watched a couple Battlecade VHS lol..

Happy Birthday UFC! You can drink now! Phone Post 3.0

Pretty amazing.... and an absolute honor to be along for the ride. :) Phone Post 3.0