Happy Birthday USMC !

 Happy Birthday to all active and retired Marines !

And have a great Veterans Day tomorrow.

- Bill MacPherson


The United States Marine Corps celebrates its 233th birthday today as the proudest, most elite military force on the face of the earth.

Time and again for more than two centuries, those who serve in the USMC have lived up to their bold and beautiful promise – to be among "The Few, The Proud, The Marines.”

Founded Nov. 10, 1775 by the Second Continental Congress, the "Soldiers of the Sea” have gone on to signify – in the words of Gen. M.W. Hagee – "all that is highest in warfighting excellence and military virtue.”


 thank you very much!

Mark Turner USMC 0311.  2000-2006.

OIF Veteran.

Move to Otherground, please. Thanks.

 Thank you sirs !

 were you a Marine Bill?

Semper Fi; Vietnam Era Vet- Parris Island Boot Camp survivor!!!

 Semper Fidelis and Happy Birthday

Cpl Welch

2542 - 4066

1990 - 96

OOOORah Devil Dog

Happy Birthday to Uncle Sam's Misguided Children



 No sir, had some in the family.

Semper Fi!

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TTT! :)


"Everybody was out by the time the firefighters got here," Oliver said. "It's what we're trained to do."


Who want's some gorilla piss, and horsecock sandwich?

(grape juice and baloney sandwich)


Semper Fi

btw, my girl is still a vegetable

 We support you all. Keep up the good fight.