Hardest punch you've ever heard?

This punch seems twice as powerful as the Aldo KO punch, yet nate doesn't even stagger.

22:17 - 22:19



Tyson vs Botha

Fedor vs Rogers Phone Post 3.0

Hearing Pat Barry's initial overhand knockdown of Kongo was extremely loud in the arena, i thought it was over and they were allowing him to kill the poor bastard lol then he came back to life. but the first big punch after lots of suspense was very jarring!

Te Huna's punches sounded pretty hard Phone Post 3.0

The first video I heard when Igor nailed Francisco Bueno sounded like a face breaking.
Fedor/Rogers also, in mma. Phone Post 3.0

Hearns Duran Phone Post 3.0

Idk about punch but that knee from page on cyborg made his skull audibly pop Phone Post 3.0

Sugar vs chuck, fucking BANG!

And when  Lennox nearly took Rahmans head of in the rematch that was a big thump. Haha Lennox getting all pumped

his name is HAS BEEN  Rahman!!        

Machidas kick on Dolloway was the hardest strike I've heard. Sounded like a gunshot Phone Post 3.0

Bootsy Collins - Hearns Duran Phone Post 3.0
Came to post this Phone Post 3.0

Franklin vs Quarry Phone Post 3.0

Milo Kerrigan - 

Sugar vs chuck, fucking BANG!

This one.

Milo Kerrigan -

Sugar vs chuck, fucking BANG!

The punch may have been loud.........but the silence at Hooters, after he landed it, where I saw it was DEAFENING! Phone Post 3.0

Cain vs Big Nog.


I thought he was dead.

not a punch but this is the loudest srike i can think of

David Tua's punches

David Loiseau knocked out a kid at a local event about 8 years ago. Never forget that sound Phone Post 3.0

Short version is bar fight that tumbled out to the parking lot. Something like ten on eight, real shit show.

It was the singularly loudest punch I ever heard, like a baseball bat against an oak tree. Immediately followed by the sound of that guys head hitting the blacktop parking lot, which sounded like a bowling ball being dropped into an empty swimming pool. I was fairly sure he died.

There were some incredibly funny moments in that ridiculous brawl, stories I tell when old street fight stories come up over beers late at night. But that sound will haunt me forever. Phone Post 3.0

SgtJustinTeplitz - David Tua's punches

The punches after 5:45 are the heaviest I've heard in person ...


An amateur title fight my middle weight fighter won in 9 seconds with the loudest cracking uppercut I've ever heard