Has anybody tried HGH?

Is it worth the money, as per the results, or can you

get a decent stack with less money for comparable


Just doing some research on it. Definetely curious and

was wondering if anybody has taken it, what there

experience was like. I am interested in those who

self administered. I know a few guys that do take it

and the results that they have are incredible, I just

wanted to ask others to get more info.


FYI- Illegal.

There was an article in "Outside" Magazine where a cyclist wrote about using performance enhancing drugs, including HGH. The article seemed straight forward and honest and the pros and cons.

It's strange, as soon as I read an article involving S&C a thread pops up.


Well written and cited, it states that IGF-1 is the hormone that mainly increases protein synthesis, and HGH is better at lipolysis.

But it also states beta-agonist (read ephedra) are the most effective lipolytic agents.

Also that testosterone is the KING of anabolism.

I took it for 2 months and lost weight and a little strength increase. To get full benefit from it you need to use test with it. I did'nt do that. To be honest I got better strength results using creatine. But if your under 40 years old I would'nt waste your time doing it.