Has Rogan seen this?

embed please.


 God Id smash her booty hole to oblivion

 what an attention whore

Who is this bitch and why is she on my UG?

 Maybe Joe can give her something to shut her up.... God knows Id like to

 she has grown up braces

he must have fucked that bitch already
and wiped his dick off on the curtains

that was a she?

wow another wannabe celeb trying so hard that shes the millionth loser tryin to make a name on Youtube... ranting about people that couldnt give a shit about her who have successful careers while shes hoping google clicks pay her rent.

And shes talkin about comedy? Not one thing in that vid was humerous, but im assuming theyre supposed to be.

 She has fans? What the fuck is this shit???

It would be funny, if she was funny. But she's not funny. She needs better writers.

That was terrible.

Yeah...was hoping for something, but it just wasn't there.

wow. she has quite a resume. Ninja babes in space!!! tony and tinas wedding. the bitchslap of the day. i hope joe hasn't seen her biting commentary. I don't think his fragile ego could take it.



Shes only one anal insertion video from D-list celeb

 couldn't stop fapping to rogan pnp at 1:00

She says Rogan isn't funny yet resorts to calling him a midget and gay. Really highbrow material. No wonder her shit is stuck on Youtube. 

 She might be kinda homely, but at least she is obnoxious.

somehow I doubt Joe will feel threatened by this video