Hawaii - Kids - Fighting

I just recently moved to the Big Island and found out with my own eyes why Hawaiians can fight. My wife is a middle school teacher and in the mornings I take her to work. Remember when we were in 6, 7 and 8th grade - before school we played either wall ball, basketball or football. Well - on the B.I. these kids fight. The teachers don't even dare try and stop them from fighting either - they said ISS or sending them home does no good. It's amazing to watch these 10 and 11 year olds throw blows - then help their friend up - and even hug them after knocking them down. It all makes sense why BJ Penn is the best. Fighting is a sport here and they start at a very young age.

Ahhh, the fond and not so fond memories of school...it was a memorable adventure to be sure.

Moke :) I sit and watch these kids in the morning in aww - the skill they have. They can't even play football without throwing blows. Amazing.

Moke has reminised the truth.....

yeah used to do that in Intermidiate(middle school). was too much of a pus in Elementry and youd never get away with it in High School.

Tyson how did your parents end up there?

yeah, it does happen alot. I grew up in Ewa Beach in the 80's and early 90's, and it was nothing nice. Me and my friends were really mellow guys, just hung out at the beach, but it seemed like every other day we were getting into fights with kids who got sucked into the whole west coast gang bangin scene.

Things have chilled out abit back home though(im proud to say). But there are still some really shitty parts i dont like to go to. My Grandparents are from Makaha and when my brother and I were there last year we about got into it with some fuckin teenagers.

Oh well.



Tyson but it's kick ass you live there man!LOL I want to visit Hawaii sometime but I know they must get pissed off at tourists.

I'm scared to go to Hawaii.....and I'm from Chicago!


all these fights....


HA-Y-N i dont think thats what hes talking about.

more like random play around fights. we used to set up recess fights all the time, it was just for fun, and it never got too serious.

throwing down before school, throwing down at recess, throwing down after school. ahhh the good old days......

with the popularity of mma in hawaii there are a lot of places for kids to train. with these mma schools giving the kids a place to chanel their energy, i am sure that they will stay out of trouble and away from drugs.

The only thing thats gonna keep them kids off drugs is the DOG bra.

try being a small guy asround 6 foot plus polynesians. you gotta learn to fight, esp. here in nanakuli. but now things have mellowed out in nanakuli.

It's not like that jluce, it's more of a culturally accepted thing. It's more casual. It's not all about getting beat-up and needing to get a gun and go kill the guy. In many places in Hawaii fighting is just accepted and you're expected to handle yourself win or lose. It's not all personal and bitter.

Of course there's always the guys who like fighting a little too much and take it too far and they aren't all there to begin with...and maybe they like their drugs etc...yeah those guys end up in prison.

One of the crazy guys I grew up with would fight literally ANYWHERE. He is in Oahu prison and been there a long-ass time. But then he don't even care and rules the roost there anyway. He was never the brightest, but he was always good entertainment.

90% of you didn't understand what i was trying to say. Some kids play baseball others play chess - in Hawaii kids enjoy the sport of fighting. I call it a sport because it's not done out of anger - they are having a good time. After all - that's what MMA should be all about.

i left to make a living... these kids grow up to do nothing for the most part and are encouraged from the start... i know all of you will shit on me for that statement, but the current status of our islands youth is sad... lol at the guys think that this post is positive.

unfortunately i think the mma scene will only make for more tactical fights during recess and after school. hawaii is country and the kids are brought up tough. machismo in hawaii rivals that of any latin country.