heal up soon Chris Moriarty

Last night at the Bud World Cup, i ref'd the final match between Rafael Lovato jr and Chris Moriarty. the match went into overtime with no points scored from neither. About 20 seconds left in overtime, Rafael attemped a foot sweep in which Chris tried to regain balance and landed on his ankle and twisted it pretty bad. It was an unfoutunate accident and just wanted to say GET WELL SOON and God bless. Fernando Salvador


no he couldnt continue and i think was rushed to the ER.


I think he is scheduled to compete in the ADCC...hopefully he will be healed and ready t go.

He has an excellent shot at it. I was surprised he walked through the competition like he did at the trials (didn't see it myself but heard about it), but if he can beat Lovato he has a better than even chance to beat anybody.

The guy is an incredible athlete I just wish he would branch out his training and not be oppose to training with some of atlanta's/Georgia's top guys ie Jason G, Junior, Rory etc. not saying Traven and Ryan Ellison arn't elite

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's got all the training partners he needs. Very few folks in Atlanta outside of who he trains with could supplement his game.

It's probably a respect thing for Jacare.

TTT - for a response from Moriachi! Get healed up fast... especially if you're still going to Portugal.

Chris does not need anyone to train with outside his team.
Adam Singer


Someone on the other thread ("News from the BUD CUP") said Chris broke his fibula. That would be bad news if he did with ADCC coming up.

i hope he didnt, it was a pretty bad sprain though.

get well soon!

- D. Ware



he looked like he was in major pain, my prayers go to him for a quick recovery. Hopefully when he gets a chance he could respond on his status.


Spoke with Chris on the phone yesterday and his leg is broken.  he's consulting another orthpod today to see what would be best as far his treatment options go.  i was watching the video last night and saw the leg break...  i didnt notice it when it happened, i just saw him go down.  Chris is a GREAT guy and a World-class grappler.  Get well soon bro

- Don