Healthy diet v. healthy weight?

So I saw some deal on TV about Okinawans living to be a healthy and active 100 years old. It attributed this to their super-healthy diet of mostly fruits and veggies, with only moderate amounts of protein coming from primarily fish.

Now I'm 6'4" and weigh about 185-190, but I eat a lot of red meat, carbs, and milk just to keep my weight that high. I could drop to 165-170 easy if I ate a "healthy" diet. I would have to eat a ton of vegetables to keep my caloric intake high enough to keep my weight up. What should I think? I don't think I'll change anything right now, just a topic I wanted to get some opinions on. Thanks.

Do you want to live forever, or do you want to be a monster while you're here?

Bulking probably isn't the greatest thing for your long term health, though I don't think much is really proven.


great question...something i've been thinking about recently. When I was in Korea a few months back I kind of had to eat their diet for a while, veg fruit and fish. After a while it became second nature, and never felt more healthy. Didn't bother keeping it up though

BTW there's no real evidence of Okinawans living any longer than anyone else.

Yeah, they never said anything about the actual average life expectancy or anything, just that there are a higher concentration of documentable centenarians there than anywhere else. My main point was just about being super thin can't be that healthy no matter what your diet is. Or maybe I'm wrong, that's why I asked.