heard/felt a pop when squating

felt a pop,kinda like when a person cracks his knuckles on the front of my left knee,just below the patella(sp) when squating using a really wide stance (powerlifting stance) didnt hurt but kinda freaked me out,,this happen yesterday,,today its a little sore and aching but no swelling... what do you think happen

Could have tore your meniscus.

So's not to worry yourself about your meniscus - here's a bit of ease.

Ever cracked your knuckles?


Let us know how it goes, but I wouldn't worry.

i guess it just that cracked knuckle thing its fine still kinda sore ,,thats about it thanks brutalmed

better you knee than near your ball sack.

It happens every time I squat. My knees sound like popcorn. It's the same as cracking your knuckles. If it doesn't hurt I wouldn't worry about it.