Help: illegal boxing technique

What is the specific name of the illegal boxing technique wherein you hang your "jab" in front of your opponent's face in an effort to block their vision?

Hmm, Ill ttt the thread for you if I can find it



I don't know the technical term. I always called it the Larry Holmes move.

glove massage

Is it described in any particular sense in any of the sanctioning (boxing)?

Or is it just a loose technique that has no description?

I think it is called -  "hanging your jab in front of your opponents face so he can't see"

They should allow spinning backfists in boxing.


" gating " IMO

its called "gaping"

stick pawing

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Who said it was illegal?

The Rusian and alot of the east block amature boxers use this alot. They hang their jab out it their opponents face and meassure the distance and what for the chance to throw their power hand.

Never once have I ever seen this pulled up.