Help w/ leg rehab

I had a serious injury close to 1 year ago with surgery to fix it. (ruptured quadricepd tendon) Unfortunately I do not have easy access to gym equipment so I was hoping for some suggestions on BW exercises for building leg strength. As it stands I have some serious crepitus through the mid range of motion. Does working resistence through this portion create further damage? Any help would be huge, Thanks!

Sorry to break it to you, but you better go work with a physical therapist or rehab. specialist of some sort in person. Interent advice doesn't cut it for rehabilitation of moderate to serious injuries. I will give you this advice though. Don't work with some moron physical therapist who just has you doing leg extensions, wall sits and icing through the whole rehab process. It is important to get normal function back into the joint, as well as just rehabing the damaged tendon and some specialized stability exercises will be necessary for that.

I agree but the reality is that my insurance covered only so many sessions of PT and they were used up getting my ROM back. Funny, the stuff you described is exactly what my final few sessions were all about. Now I am going to be starting a residency and my time will be at a premium. I hope to escape to the PT gym when I can to do some exercises but what I was hoping for were some examples of stability exercises and maybe some strengthening work. I have lunges and wall squats, as well as hopping back and forth. Anyways, any info would be great.