Helwani is out of ESPN!

They offered him 500k a year. He wanted more. Impasse.

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He thinks he’s worth more then that?

I mean, good for him if he gets it. But i dont think he is


Probably going to the wwe

Can’t see him going anywhere for the same or more money. Wonder if he’s leaving MMA?

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Here is an opinion on Helwani. Bro, your job isn’t hard. A trained monkey could do your job. You hold a microphone and talk while looking at a camera.

You think 250 dollars an hour isn’t a fair rate? You think you deserve more than 95% of the fighters you provide information about. You don’t even provide insight. There are 6 billion other people in the world who could do your job. A significant percentage could do it as good or better.

If you think the pay is low because the market is much higher, that just shows how absurd the market is. Compared to the athletes you add nominal value to the product.

If doing one of the pussiest jobs in history for half a mil a year isn’t a big enough challenge you can easily go find a job where you risk your life and health daily for 1/5th of that pay.

Please no one hire this guy. I’ve always been pretty neutral on Helwani. But I would rather look at and listen to someone less adept than he is but who has nice tits and a pretty face. Surely they will keep pace with his level of content.


geez $500k to talk MMA and travel and cover event?

fucking dolt


dude is the most known mma reporter of all time, he has been doing it for decades, he is worth more than $500k a year, that’s penuts. clearly you are butthurt by the life choices you’ve made. If you’re not making north of >$300k a year after 10 years of working in the same industry then you a failure


Hi Ariel


He wouldnt have walked unless he had something attractive in his pocket. Its how the game is played

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I’m not saying he isn’t good at what he does. I’m saying what he does isn’t worth doing.


ESPN messed this one up, imo.

I’ve never been a huge fan of his but his name drives a shit ton of traffic to their shit app ESPN+.

They better fill his shoes with someone better than Okamoto. Helwani drives clicks because of his troll style of behavior. That’s a huge reason people tune in. Brett is the farthest thing from that.

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In his leaving statement video he posted he wanked off the NBA well hard so you im guessing he’s gone to another network doing NBA or another network doing MMA & NBA jointly

Ariel can be a bit annoying. He is crafty and somewhat of a weasel. Luke Thomas said he would think about punching him if he had the chance.

However, I cant deny he is excellent at what he does. He is skilled at drawing people into relationship and conversation. An excellent interviewer.

I remember when he was given a start by Steve Cofield. He went a long way.




Some personal news: June 15 will be my last day at ESPN.

Allow me to explain. I have some VERY exciting news to share about my future in due time. This was 100% my decision. For now, though, I just wanted to share some words on my time at ESPN.

Ariel speaks below. click.

Probably TNT.

AEW wrestling, MMA with ONE and NBA.


Ariel will no doubt pick up more cash elsewhere. He will be in demand regardless of what the haters say.

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He will end up getting over double that

Some Morning talk show hosts in local markets make more than 500k, you clearly have no fucking clue how the media industry works


Lol @ believing the joke of OP.

Ariel makes more than 500k per year